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Menus Worthy of Mom

Treat Mom to a luxurious, delicious meal. (Or hand these menus to someone else and say, "I'd like this, please!") By Lisa Chernick        

Plenty of mothers we know think Mother's Day doesn't come around often enough — three or four times a year would be better. Honestly, we just want time to cook up a storm and go shoe shopping. Whatever your focus this spring, here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate mom — whether that's you or someone else you love.

Playing host

If you're into cooking and entertaining, this menu's for you. Short on time? Make one or two courses yourself and assign the rest to friends and family — it's your day, after all.

Mom's day off

This is the perfect spread for the mom who wants everything ready ahead of time so she can spend the morning on herself.

Something sweet

Whether you're invited to someone else's home for Mother's Day or want a delicious dessert for your own feast, any of these treats will make Mom's day.