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“PersonalPoints is the game changer I've been waiting for!”

Being a WW member for 14 years, Shellie was excited to try something new and the PersonalPoints Program really delivered. Shellie lost 9.5kg in nine weeks!
Published 21 October 2021

Shellie’s ‘why’

“A few months after the birth of my first child I saw a photo of me holding him and I didn’t recognise myself. I’d gained more than 20kg when I was pregnant and then developed severe postnatal depression, which lead to putting on more weight. I was depressed, had no confidence and no energy. I’d hit rock bottom. Seeing that photo made me realise my weight was playing a big role so I decided to do something about it. Honestly? Joining WW was the best thing I ever did. It saved my life.”

Q&A with Shellie

What has following the PersonalPoints Program been like for you?

“It’s as though WW sat down and wrote a program just for me. That gave me confidence that it was going to work from the start. My personal ZeroPoint foods are the ones I reach for most, things like eggs, fish, sweet potato, fruit and fat-free yoghurt and cottage cheese. That fits with my busy lifestyle. I work fulltime, I’ve got three kids and I’m also a WW coach now, so having my go-to foods as my ZeroPoint foods makes life easier. I was so excited to try something new and this program has really delivered.”

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How good is adding Points for healthy behaviours?

“That’s my favourite part! The healthier I’m being, the more I get rewarded, which makes me want to do it even more. It’s been a total game changer. And it makes sense because, as well as being rewarded with Points, on the days that I do eat plenty of vegetables and drink plenty of water, I feel fuller and on the days I’m active, I just feel better.”

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How do you get back on track when you need to?

“That’s the thing – it never really feels like there’s a ‘bad day’ or like I’ve ‘blown it’ anymore. In the past, if I’d used up all my Points I used to feel like the week was a write off and I’d start fresh the next week. Now when a day doesn’t go as planned, I know I can get up tomorrow, lean on my ZeroPoint foods, go for a walk and eat loads of veggies to add some extra PersonalPoints and I’m back in business. There’s no more yo-yoing between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days. The new program makes things streamlined.”

How have your eating habits changed?

“I’m eating healthier and cleaner now and my body’s loving it. I was on the Blue food plan before which I liked, but without the incentive to eat more veggies, I can now see that I was eating overly large portions of the Blue ZeroPoint foods. Plus, I’m not eating nearly as many processed foods as I was. The foods that are better for me and that fuel my body because they’re higher in healthy fats, fibre and protein, are lower in Points so you gravitate to them because it means you can make your Points budget stretch further. I’ll use the Points I save for a wine or so I can enjoy a social occasion without missing out on anything – like birthday cake!”

So, how do you feel?

“So much better. I’ve lost that feeling of brain fog that I had, my sleep is improving, my stomach isn’t bloated anymore and I keep getting comments about how my skin is glowing. I honestly think the PersonalPoints Program means it’s never been easier to lose weight – and to understand and build the habits that will help you keep it off, for good.”