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New! PersonalPoints

Eat what you love—without restrictions!

Cook it, order it, enjoy it. With the NEW! WW PersonalPoints program, nothing’s off limits.

A weight-loss program made for living life

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Any weight-loss plan that inspires FOMO isn’t worth its weight…in anything. That’s why WW’s new program was created so that you can have pizza, wine, your favourite home-cooked meal, even birthday cake in moderation—and lose weight, too.

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A pizza on a sheet of parchment paper.
Chickpea Crust Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Pizza.

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You’ll choose foods you love and can’t live without, and our nutrition and behaviour-change scientists customise your weight-loss action plan. Just eat, track, and reach your goals!

ZeroPoint foods are everything!

Our ZeroPoint foods help you form a healthy pattern of eating. They’re (zero) heroes because you can eat ZeroPoint foods without weighing, tracking, or measuring and still lose weight, plus they’re good for you. Oh, and they’re delicious! Use ZeroPoint foods as a base for creating a meal, pump up dishes by tossing in extra ZeroPoint foods, or reach for them as snacks to help you stay full and satisfied.

What’s on the ZeroPoints foods list?

Once you tell us the foods you love, the WW app serves up your personalised list of ZeroPoint foods including non-starchy veggies PLUS a combo of fruits, avocados, brown rice, eggs, chicken breast, oats, potatoes, fat-free yoghurt and so many more! Learn more about ZeroPoints foods.

Chicken salad with blackberries, feta, golden beets & avocado

Goodbye, bland. Hello, mouthwatering meals!

Wondering what you can eat on WW? Here’s just a taste of the 6,000+ recipes you'll get with WW. Don’t put your life on hold to lose weight. WW helps you drop kilos—not joy!
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