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How it works

Lose weight, not the foods you love

Cook it, order it, and enjoy it—nothing’s off-limits with WeightWatchers®.

A weight-loss program made for living life‏

Any weight-loss plan that inspires FOMO isn’t worth its weight…in anything. That’s why our program was created so that you can have pizza, wine, your favourite home-cooked meal, even birthday cake in moderation—and lose weight, too—all while creating sustainable healthy habits.‎

Cheat's Homemade Pizzas
Cheat's homemade pizzas recipe

A food plan tailored just for you

Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll create a plan that’s customised to your metabolic rate (age, height, weight, and sex assigned at birth) and still leaves room for you to enjoy your favourite foods.‎ You will be allocated a Points® Budget which you can spend on the foods you choose. Your Budget is designed to nudge you toward healthier foods and portions that help you lose weight—but nothing is off-limits.‏‎

ZeroPoint foods are everything!

Our ZeroPoint® foods help you form a healthy pattern of eating. They’re our zero heroes because you can eat ZeroPoint foods without weighing, measuring, or tracking and still lose weight, plus they’re good for you. Oh, and they’re delicious! Use ZeroPoint foods as a base for creating a meal, pump up dishes by tossing in extra ZeroPoint foods, or reach for them as snacks to help you stay full and satisfied.

3-ingredient banana pancakes
3-ingredient banana pancakes recipe.

No strict meal plans, just strictly delicious

Wondering what foods you can eat on WeightWatchers? Here’s just a taste of the 6,000+ recipes you’ll get when you sign up. There’s something for everyone.
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Join from $20/month*

*On selected 3 & 6 month plans only. Min. cost (Core) A$60. Offer ends 05/03/2024. See terms.