Test Your Sweets PointsPlus® Values IQ

Test Your Sweets PointsPlus® Values IQ
Take this test to see how much you know about the PointsPlus™ values of sweets.

Your co-worker puts out a basket of candy bars. Which common candy bar ingredient is sure to mean higher PointsPlus values?


Fat-free candies, like jelly beans and gummy bears, are perfect for people trying to lose weight because they're fat-free.


How many portions are there in a king-size Snickers bar?


Your son's teacher is asking that all the kids bring some homemade sweet treats to school on Valentine's Day. You know you'll want to eat some, so, which of the following choices would be friendliest to your PointsPlus plan?


A handful (say, five) of Hershey's Miniatures has a PointsPlus value of:


If you're a chocolate lover and you're trying to count your PointsPlus values, it's best to avoid chocolate altogether.


Which chocolate option will cost you the most PointsPlus values?


What's the difference in the PointsPlus value of an ounce of sugar, and that of an ounce of artificial sweetener, such as Equal or Sweet 'N Low?

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