WeightWatchers.com Community Recipe Swap Official Rules

Official Rules
Recipe Swap Official Rules

Share a Recipe

1. Once you share a recipe with the Community your recipe will become publicly available and it may be viewed by others or shared by others with the WeightWatchers.com or third party social networking website. Once posted to the Community Recipe Swap, your recipe will be permanently saved to the Community Recipe Swap and cannot be removed as others may be tracking your recipe in the Plan Manager. Only WeightWatchers.com subscribers may post to the Community Recipe Swap.

2. Your recipe may be automatically entered into WeightWatchers.com recipe contests, recognition-type features, Recipe of the Day or other events that WeightWatchers.com may host from time to time, subject to these Community Recipe Swap Official Rules.

3. The posting of your recipe or the announcement of contest winners may or may not include your name, user name, home city, home state and/or other identifying information.

4. Submission of recipes constitutes your express consent to allow WeightWatchers.com to edit, modify, publish, print, display, post, distribute or otherwise use the recipe in any way (print, electronic or otherwise), anywhere in the world, without compensation to you.

5. Your participation in the Community Recipe Swap shall be subject to the WeightWatchers.com Terms and Conditions. If there is any discrepancy between the Terms and Conditions and these Official Rules, the Terms and Conditions will govern.

Recipe Requirements

1. Recipe must be original. An original recipe is the product of one's own mind and is not a copy or imitation of someone else's or a previously published recipe. If the recipe is derived from a previously published one, it must have at least four significant ingredients that are different and the method of preparation changed to qualify.

2.Your recipe posting will include: name of recipe, number of servings, the PointsPlus value, recipe image (if you upload one) and your username.

3. If you upload an image to accompany your recipe, then (i) you must have the rights to distribute this image, (ii) all individuals shown in the image have consented to the use of his/her likeness and (iii) the image does not violate the Terms and Conditions.