Hungry Girl Goes…on a Dinner Date!

Heading out on the town? Check out Hungry Girl's tips for making it through a dinner date on plan.
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Whether you're a girl or a guy, no one wants to go on a date with someone who either A) doesn't eat, or B) is so picky about what they eat that they drive everyone crazy. But that doesn't mean you have to throw your eating plan out the window when you socialize. Hungry Girl is here with the 411.

Dining Out Dos

Appetizer Advice
Some people will tell you to skip the apps. I say jump in. Head first! Ordering the extra course will give you more time to get to know your date. Just scan the appetizers looking for healthier options. My personal favorites are broth-based soup (studies show people who start meals with soup eat fewer calories overall at that meal), shrimp cocktail, steamed clams or a green salad (dressing on the side).

Main Meal Management
Again, scan that menu looking for key words. Things to avoid (in my opinion) are anything fried, dishes with lots of cheese, pasta (calories and PointsPlus® values add up too quickly) and anything super-saucy. Better choices are grilled meats or fish, and steamed dishes. As for sides, stick with veggies over starches. Choose foods you can eat larger portions of, instead of high-calorie ones you'd need to pick at or limit.

The Dish on Dessert
It's fun to share dessert—but if you're ordering it after your meal at a restaurant the better-for-you options will probably be limited. Stick with sorbets if possible. And if your date has his heart set on something more decadent, just have a small bite or two—if you can handle it. If the date is going well you may want to skip dessert at the table and head out to a frozen yogurt shop for a sweet, chilly treat.

Tips and Tricks

Do your homework.
Know where you're going and plan ahead. Heading out to a sporting event? A bowling alley? An amusement park? A specific restaurant? Do a little research (Google is your friend!). A little knowledge goes a long way, and finding out what food is available before your date is key when it comes to eating on plan successfully.

Work out!
If you know you're going to be eating more calories or PointsPlus values than usual while on your date, why not work out in the morning? Racking up activity PointsPlus values is a great idea, so go for it!

Don't starve yourself all day.
If you do this, you'll end up eating more on your date. Bad idea. Eat a satisfying snack (like an apple or some turkey slices) before you go out so you're not famished by the time the date starts.

Be Active!
Who says you have to sit around eating on a date? Restaurants, movie theaters and comedy clubs aren't the only places to go. Try skating, hiking, shopping or playing tennis. Fun!

Come back next Monday to read my tips for dining out and in on a road trip.

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