How To Season a Wok

Everything you need to know before using your new wok for the first time.
How to Season a Wok
Carbon steel woks arrive from the factory covered in an anti-rust coating. You can’t see it, but you need to scrub it off – on the inside and outside of the wok – using dish soap, hot water and a stainless-steel scrubbing sponge. Rinse well.
Rather than towel drying the wok, set it on the stovetop on low heat for a few minutes. Turn off the heat and let the dry wok cool. The color of the inside of the wok may begin to change at this point. This is a normal part of the seasoning process.
Once the wok is dry, heat it on high until a bead of water dropped into the well evaporates in one second.
Swirl in oil and add ginger and scallion. Reduce heat to medium and stir fry the vegetables slowly for about 5 minutes, until softened. Continue stir-frying for up to 15 minutes more, pressing the vegetables against the sides of the wok. The color of the inside of the wok may continue to darken/change.
Turn off the heat and allow the wok to cool. Discard the vegetables.
Wash the wok with hot water (no soap) and a soft sponge.
Dry the wok by placing it on the stovetop on low heat for a few minutes. Once it’s dry, turn off the heat and let it cool. Your wok is now ready for cooking!
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