Hungry Girl Goes... In Search of Emergency Snacks!

Don't leave home without 'em. And by 'em" I mean the following...
Hungry Girl

Blue Diamond's 100-calorie packs of nuts are perfect. Almonds have protein, nutrients, and good-for-you fats, but since the calories can rack up quickly, I like that these are portion-controlled. Keep a pack in your briefcase/backpack/purse/man-purse, etc.

“But Hungry Girl, I don’t like almonds!"
Two words: Soy nuts. Try Crum Creek's slightly salted Soy Nuts or Brilliantly Blended Soy Nut Mix (with chocolate chips, raisins, and more). Both come in single-serving packs and both are great.

Eating apples is one of the cheapest, easiest, and juiciest ways to get fiber into your diet. Apples are also portable, low in calories, abundant, and naturally portion-controlled. Fujis = my number one!

“But Hungry Girl, I’m sick of apples!"
Have you thought about pears? If you get appled-out, they're a good alternative. They’ve also got fiber, have vitamin C, and are delicious.

Light string cheese
Low-fat dairy is a terrific addition to your diet (yay, calcium!), and this is the easiest way to carry it around. Plus, you know how I love protein! Heads up! This is cheese, so it won't last forever outside of a fridge. Consume unchilled string cheese within a few hours of removing it from the cold.

“But Hungry Girl, I don’t like pulling apart my snacks with my hands!"
OK, that's a little weird, but if this is the case, try low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese cups. If your office has a fridge, stash some for your next snack attack.

100-calorie packs
When the junk-food cravings hit and will not be fought off with any of the above snacks, the best way to do it is with small, set portions. If you need something specific (cookies, Cheetos, etc.) and don't want to overdo it, stick to 100-calorie servings.

“But Hungry Girl, I don’t like buying little bags of snack food!"
Then either portion out your munchies into re-useable containers and carry them with you, or develop iron-clad willpower.

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