2015 New Year, New You Challenge: Week 1

Welcome to 2015! Here's to a new year and a fresh resolve to set yourself up for long-term success. Hint: It's easier than you think.
Its a New Day Challenge Week 1

With its cold weather and post-holiday anticlimax (not to mention uncomfortably snug pants), January is not the kindest month. Why, then, do so many of us also spend the first few weeks beating ourselves up about what we ate and drank in December? Right here and now, we are officially declaring the holidays Behind Us, and are ready to help you focus on your goals for 2015. Whether you’re new to Weight Watchers, or simply looking for help you recommitting or sticking to the Plan, we’ll help you succeed.

Your goal might be a sizeable one, or it might be just a few pounds away. Whichever camp you fall into, contemplating a whole year stretched ahead of you can feel overwhelming. Instead of worrying about the next 12 months, take our Challenge to get a far more manageable set of activities, ideas and motivation. Read the articles over the next four weeks.

Week 1

You have two tasks this week: Something you can do right away, and something that will help you in the long term. For both of these, we encourage you to embrace the opportunity to believe in yourself and feel confident that you can change the way you think about yourself and your goals.

To that end, the long-term task is to think outside the scale. Set a goal for yourself that will see you through the 4 weeks of this Challenge and beyond, that has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale or on your clothing labels. Write it down and put it somewhere you’ll see each morning. What is it that you want to feel at the end of the 4 weeks? And how do you want to build on this momentum as we go into spring and beyond?

Only you can answer these questions, but here are some prompts for you. Think about what your decision to be healthier will do for you: Being a great role model for your kids? Wearing clothes with confidence? Accepting social invitations you might have turned down before, knowing you’ll show up feeling great?

Chew something new

As for the simple task you can do right away: Try a brand-new food this week, one you’ve never tried before. Try to choose a whole food rather than a packaged one — a fruit, vegetable, protein or grain. To get ideas, check out our list of pantry staples that are a cut above the usual. For more shopping tips, subscribers can check out our shopping Spaces tool.

That's it for week 1. Come back next week to get your next task in the 2015 New Year, New You Challenge. Good luck!

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