Restaurant Foods PointsPlus™ Value Comparisons

PointsPlus value comparisons for more than 90 items at your favorite Mexican, Chinese, Italian dining spots and more.
Two women eating dumplings

Click on the links below to compare similar food items at five popular types of restaurants:

Fried entrees and creamy pasta dishes are obvious nutrition offenders, but if nothing but grease will satisfy, it's great to know that a serving of eggplant parmigiana has a higher PointsPlus value than either veal or chicken variations.

You could spend more than a day's worth of PointsPlus values on nachos and margaritas. Stick with sautéed entrees that aren't drowning in cheese, and ask for extra salsa as a topping or dressing. If you want something rich and filling, go for nutrition-packed guacamole.

Steamed appetizers and sautéed dishes are some of the best bets at Chinese restaurants. But if you want something deep-fried, get the most for your PointsPlus values — one cup of General Tso's chicken has way more PointsPlus values then a cup of sweet and sour chicken. Go for the sweet and sour and you'll have enough room to splurge on something else too, like a cup of sesame noodles.

Edamame and seaweed salad are great low PointsPlus value starters, while sautéed chicken entrees and white fish sushi make healthier entrée options. If you're in the mood for tempura, go for a shrimp tempura roll instead of regular shrimp tempura and save yourself a few PointsPlus values.

Mayo-based salads are a staple here, but there are better bets on the menu: Roast beef is a lean meat option, and fruit-based pies definitely have dessert-worthy potential.

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