Back On Track Challenge: Week 2
Water Works

Week 2 of the challenge is here! This week discover how the simple task of staying hydrated can get you Back on Track.
Person drinking a glass of water

Weight Watchers asks that you drink six 8-ounce glasses of fluid each day. This basic requirement is a strong foundation of a healthy lifestyle, having a range of benefits from creating a new behavior to enjoying greater satiety. Now all liquids can count toward your daily intake. But while it's not required that your 48 ounces must be water, water is still the best choice.

But what if you're feeling overwhelmed by all that liquid? Consider this: the recommendation is equivalent to just three standard 16-ounce water bottles per day.

Read the articles below and discover the value of staying hydrated, from lowering your risk of certain cancers to flushing toxins from your bloodstream. Take a moment to stop by the Back on Track Challenge on the Weight Watchers Community to share your tips on how to get your required water each day. And don't miss our review of flavored bottled waters which can make drinking water easier to swallow.

Why Water?
The essential reasons to stay hydrated

Are You Water Wise?
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The Skinny on Water
A simple guide to the world of bottled waters.

Just starting the challenge? Read Week 1 and step back on the scale.

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