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Buff Brides Fitness Challenge

Whether you have 12 weeks or six or more months before your wedding (or any special occasion), you can make a difference in the way you look and feel by taking part in the WeightWatchers.com Buff Brides Fitness Challenge. Of course, while the immediate goal is to be a fit and beautiful bride, the true challenge is maintaining a healthier way of life long beyond your wedding day. This fitness routine can help you jumpstart a lifestyle change that will serve you well long into your married life.

About the Buff Brides Workouts
The strength training program consists of three workout days each week. If you can't do the workouts as they have been assigned to the calendar, work them in on other days, but try and give your muscles at least one day to recover between exercise sessions.

This is a total body workout, but I do emphasize certain muscle groups that just about every bride-to-be is concerned about, like arms and back. After all, you can wear a slimming shaper under the bodice of your dress to make your stomach look flatter, but a bride's arms and back will always be on display if the gown is sleeveless or strapless.

I have also outlined cardiovascular goals for each week. Remember, if one of your goals is dropping pounds, you must meet your cardio goal each week, since this type of exercise is a crucial element of weight loss. Cardio exercise can be worked into your schedule whenever it is most convenient for you, as long as each session meets that week's minium time requirement.

For a Successful Workout:

  • Always warm up by doing some light aerobic activity and then stretch (focusing on major muscle groups) for five minutes.
  • Beginners should do only one or two sets of 12 repetitions of each exercise during the first two weeks; incorporate an additional set or two as you feel comfortable.
  • Focus on good form to avoid strain and injury.
  • Take your time and don't forget to breathe.

Your Weekly Cardio Goal
Your cardiovascular workouts can be done either during your off days, or they can be added to the end of your strength training routines. If you don't do the strength workouts first, do some light aerobic activity, like jumping rope or jogging in place, for a few minutes and then stretch your major muscle groups. Do stretches after the cardio workout, too.

Home Gym Equipment
Many of the workout moves make use of inexpensive fitness equipment you can keep at home—there's no need to go to a gym for this challenge. Here's what you'll want to have on hand:
  • Fitness ball: Make sure you purchase the appropriate size for your height.
  • Free weights: Invest in two or three pairs. If you're a beginner, start with 3-pound, 5-pound and 8-pound weights. If you're more advanced, 5-pound, 8-pound and 10-pound weights should be fine to start.
  • Workout mat or carpeted floor.
  • Sturdy coffee table
  • Sturdy chair
  • Mirror: Use it to check your form.
  • Motivating music
  • Comfortable sneakers and workout clothes.
  • Water bottle: Stay hydrated by drinking 12 ounces of water after your workout.

You're beginning a very important journey for both your health and happiness as a newlywed. If you have questions about the Buff Brides Fitness Challenge, send me an email at buffbrides@weightwatchers.com. I'll be responding to selected questions throughout the course of the challenge, so check the Q&A page to see if yours is chosen. Get started with Weeks 1 and 2 of the challenge.

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