Maintenance FAQs

We answer your frequently asked questions about Maintenance.

What does "maintenance" mean?
Maintenance is the stage of weight loss that comes after you reach your weight goal. At that point, you adjust the amount of food you're eating so that your weight steadies. You also continue to practice the healthy behaviors that got you to your goal: eating wisely and moving more.

Physical activity is vital to weight maintenance, so if you're not already earning 28 activity PointsPlus® values per week, make that the first goal you work towards during maintenance.

What if I return to my old habits and gain all the weight back?
Maintenance does not mean "going off" the plan and forgetting about the good eating and fitness habits that got you to your goal weight. To stay at goal means continuing to make wise food choices but in a new way. (See the next question)

You still need to keep an eye on your weight, and actively keep up the new behaviors you've developed. If you find yourself gaining weight or slipping back into old habits, make a conscious effort to return to the lessons you've learned. One man who made goal is Michael. "Once the excitement of reaching goal passed," he said, "it became a matter of staying on track day after day." Michael continues to track daily PointsPlus values online and regularly visits the message boards for Lifetimers and Maintainers.

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