16 Foods Losers Love

What foods keep you motivated and inspired to stick to your weight-loss plan? These picks made your hot list.

Tired of eating the same old stuff? Eager for something new and different to wake up your taste buds? We asked Community Users on the WeightWatchers.com Message Boards to tell us what Plan-friendly foods and drinks they just can't live without.

Here are some of their best ideas. Whether you've got the mid-afternoon munchies or a late-night craving, none of these 16 favorites will cost you many PointsPlus® values.

  1. "Quaker Oats Low-Fat Chewy Granola Bars. They've got the size and taste of a regular candy bar. Peanut butter and chocolate are the best!"
  2. "Fat-Free Cool Whip with anything! I could kiss the person that invented it!"
  3. "Pitas! I can't live without them; they have so many uses. Make pita chips or slice them into two layers and toast them for two tostada shells!"
  4. "Ground turkey breast! The meal possibilities are endless! Whether it's sloppy joes, turkey tacos, spaghetti sauce, turkey loaf or turkey burgers, I can find a million ways to make it."
  5. "Hormel Turkey Pepperoni — great for making pita pizzas. This has kept me from calling Pizza Hut many nights."
  6. "Vegetable quesadillas. I eat them all the time with fat-free sour cream; they are so filling."
  7. "Gum! Chewing sugarless gum has saved me on many a day when I wanted to eat, eat, eat."
  8. "Folgers Cafe Latte Caramel Groove — it tastes so good."
  9. "Grape tomatoes — great for guilt-free snacking."
  10. "Tomato juice with horseradish and hot sauce — just like having a Bloody Mary. I like to drink it while making dinner."
  11. "A Boca Burger, Wonder Light Bun and Velveeta Light Cheese. They make a low-calorie cheeseburger I can't live without!"
  12. "Diet root beer. Add a scoop of light vanilla ice cream and have a root beer float."
  13. "Pirate's Booty. I wish this goody wasn't so popular because my supermarket constantly runs out of it."
  14. "Sweet potatoes sliced into strips and 'fried' in a pan with Pam nonstick cooking spray. Yum!"
  15. "Splenda! I use it in coffee, desserts, cinnamon toast — anything! It's wonderful."
  16. "Nonfat chocolate pudding with just a dollop of light or nonfat whipped cream — so creamy it should be illegal."

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