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Our new program is built on the foundation of our proven PointsPlus® plan, and incorporates a whole new set of knowledge and tools that'll help you stick with it. With the Weight Watchers 360° program, you'll see how easy it can be to establish healthy habits that fit into your life so you can stay on track. The new program has three main parts, the first of which — tracking — will already be familiar to current Members.

Along with tracking — which has been shown to increase the likelihood of weight-loss success — we're focusing on two essential areas: Managing your environment with Spaces and establishing healthy Routines. And we've developed two new powerful interactive tools to help you master both. The new Spaces tool is loaded with tips and strategies that can help you stay in control wherever you happen to be: home, office, car and so on. With the new Routines tool you'll select small, yet powerful tasks to do daily. Before you know it, healthy habits that used to be hurdles can become second nature. The new Spaces and Routines tools are now also included in our Mobile app so you can get help for real-life weight-loss challenges, when and where you need it.

Your Leader will tell you more about the nuts and bolts of the Weight Watchers 360° program in your next few weekly Meetings. And you can always access information in My Tools. Now, let's get started on your first monthly Routine!

Pack a Snack
Before you leave the house, make sure you have a healthy snack with you. This simple Routine can help you feel in control and keep your hunger in check, so you’re better able to stay on Plan the rest of the day. Think of these nutritious treats as secret weapons that can help you sail right past the cookie kiosk at the mall; the chili-cheese dog stand at the game; and the inevitable pile of holiday treats at the office.

Preparing portable treats doesn’t take much time or effort, which makes this a great Routine to work on as we head into the hectic holiday season. Still, we know that in the real world, some things are easier said than done. So to help you get in the stick-with-it mindset check out the new Routines tool and spend some time reflecting on the following:

  1. What stands in the way of making sure you have a healthy snack with you before leaving the house?
    List challenges that would make it difficult for you to practice this Routine consistently. Is your kitchen stocked with the right options? Do you have an insulated bag or convenient containers? Perhaps you rely on options at your destination, like a snack bar, food court or fast-food joint. Now’s the time to rethink old behaviors and come up with new, healthier strategies.

  2. What would make your snacks more satisfying? Easier to grab? Or worth the PointsPlus values?
    Keep snacks interesting by creating a mix-and-match menu that can also double as a shopping list. Choose treats that are packed with Weight Watchers Power Foods. Create a snack shelf in your fridge and pantry to make it easier to find what you want when you want it. And use plastic containers and baggies to make single-serve portions.

Here are four more ways to help you stick with this month's Routine.

woman weighing apples at the supermarket
Buy Budget-Friendly Snacks
People often think healthier foods cost more, but that's not always true. Learn how to plan for the munchies without going over your daily PointsPlus Target, or breaking the bank.
woman eating at her desk
Use Your Spaces Tool to Create a Healthier Cubicle
You eat a nutritious breakfast at home. You even bring your lunch most days. But somehow, despite your efforts you find yourself mindlessly snacking at work. Learn how you can set up your work space for weight-loss success.
kids eating fruit and dip
Make Satisfying Homemade Snacks
These eight protein and fiber-rich treats can be prepared in minutes. They’re also great options to take to work, share family-style or pack in your kid’s lunch box.
Know What to Grab on the Go
Even if you simply stop at the convenience store to fill up — your car with fuel, not your body with junk food — it's an easy place to end up in a will-power war. Make healthy picks by studying our convenience counter go-tos.

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