What's Cooking: Asparagus

When this lovely green is at the market, you know spring is in the air.
Bechamel AsparagusWhats Cooking

Roll up your sleeves and dig into some of the best recipes of the season. Inspired by top-notch ingredients and practical techniques, we've put together menus and serving ideas for the food you want to cook right now.

A sure sign of spring is the arrival of tender new asparagus spears at the market and a renewed enthusiasm for cooking them. These three seasonal menus feature asparagus recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Can't-go-wrong brunch
Make this asparagus frittata the centerpiece of a great weekend spread for friends and family.
Friends for lunch
In search of a healthy side dish for your next afternoon party? This brightly flavored vegetable salad is just the ticket.
Easy weeknight dinner
Quick and delicious meals are so right on a busy night. These light, flavorful pastas are quite popular in our office.
More Great Ways with Asparagus
Here's a bonus batch of recipes to add to your menus.

Asparagus tips
1. Rather than guessing where to slice off the tough ends of the stalks, snap them off with your hands instead. The stalk will naturally break at the correct spot, leaving you with tender vegetables from top to bottom.

2. Try this quick and easy asparagus "recipe": Put in microwave-safe dish, add some orange juice, and microwave until tender!

3. Broil or roast asparagus spears with cooking spray and kosher salt or sea salt. Feeling decadent? Top them with grated Parmigiano Reggiano: it melts in seconds under the broiler.

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