Hungry Girl Goes... In Search of New Frozen Meals!

Like your meals quick, easy, and guilt-free? Check out my new frozen picks...
Hungry Girl Frozen Meals

Healthy Choice Honey Balsamic Chicken Steaming Entrée

The sauce is insanely flavorful, and I really enjoy the chunks of potato and big cherry tomatoes. And since there's a lot of that sauce, you can easily add extra veggies to bulk up the serving size. HG Heads-Up: Don't confuse this with the Balsamic Garlic Chicken in Healthy Choice's Café Steamers line — that frozen entree is not nearly as good.

Each meal has 220 calories, 3.5g fat, 34g carbs, 5g fiber, 13g protein, and a PointsPlus® value of 5.

Amy's Light & Lean Spinach Lasagna

This lasagna rocks! It tastes super-fresh (yay, spinach!) and is incredibly delicious. Note: Other lasagnas by Amy's are higher in calories and fat. So play it safe and check out the other guilt-free options in the Light & Lean line of products.

Each container has 250 calories, 5g fat, 40g carbs, 5g fiber, 11g protein, and a PointsPlus value of 6.

Morningstar Farms Sesame Chik'n

Looking for a Chinese-food swap that's both guilt-free and vegetarian-friendly? This fits the bill! Even non-vegetarians will enjoy this meal — don't be scared of soy-based "chik'n"... really, it's very good!

Each entrée has 310 calories, 9g fat, 46g carbs, 4g fiber, 14g protein, and a PointsPlus value of 8.

Joe's Crab Shack Eat at Home Perfectly Steamed Meals for 2

I'm all about convenience in the kitchen, which makes frozen meals, in general, a natural pick; but at the same time, I like to have some control over my dishes. Luckily, Joe's Crab Shack (yes, the restaurant chain) has come out with a line of frozen meals that's convenient and offers some control. These meals feature seafood, sauce, and side dishes, all packaged separately in one main bag. Use as much or as little sauce as you like. The Tilapia with Shallot Dill Sauce and the Mahi Mahi with Tropical Salsa are the lightest picks, but they're all pretty reasonable. Hooray!

Each serving (half a package) has 340 - 440 calories, 4.5 - 16g fat, 37 - 56g carbs, 3 - 5g fiber, 25 - 31g protein, and a PointsPlus value of 9 - 12.

Evol. Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

This bowl is simple, but it's done just right — not a small feat for a frozen meal. I'm talking perfectly cooked brown rice, lots of veggies, grilled chicken, yummy sauce... Anyone else hungry now? Just a warning: The other varieties of Evol.'s bowls have higher stats.

Each bowl has 250 calories, 6g fat, 34g carbs, 4g fiber, 14g protein, and a PointsPlus value of 6.

Kashi Stone-Fired Thin Crust Basil Pesto Pizza

I'm a huge fan of Kashi's thin-crust pizzas, and this new one joins my list of favorites. It's actually very light on cheese, which is fine, given that the pesto sauce is so flavorful. And I like the fact that the wheaty, whole-grain taste from the crust comes through — makes you feel good about eating pizza! Just be careful not to eat the entire thing (more than 700 calories) — share it with a pal!

Each serving (1/3rd of pizza) has 240 calories, 9g fat, 27g carbs, 4g fiber, 14g protein, and a PointsPlus value of 6.

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