World Cup Menu Series: Part 3

Enjoy fantastic dishes from the New World when they take to the field at the World Cup this summer.
World Cup Menu Series: Part 3
The New World colonies learnt a thing or two about cooking when they arrived in their new homes, absorbing a diverse range of ingredients and dishes and making the most of what they brought from home.

The following dishes are all easy to prepare, so if you're entertaining, or simply want some inspiration whilst watching the soccer, take note of these tasty options.

Aussie flag The Socceroos will appear in only their third World Cup but will give it everything they’ve got – expect vocal support from sleep-deprived Australians in the wrong time zone, fuelled by their excellent seafood. Nothing says Australian more than shrimp on the barbie!
Smoky Orange-BBQ Shrimp Skewers

English flag Ever since England’s only World Cup win in 1966, there’s been a serious weight of expectation from England supporters and this year is no different. With a favourable group draw, England might – just might – do it this time. Pies, fish and chips are great choices, but for something sweeter, try this teatime classic.
Cherry Scones

South Africa
SA flag The hosts of this year’s World Cup, the first to take place on African soil, are sadly tipped to face an early exit from the competition, so enjoy watching them while you can. Accompany their games with barbecued meats like ostrich and springbok which are lean and firm favourites on a South African ‘braai’ (barbecue). Alternatively, a beef and beer dish combines South Africans’ two great loves.
Skillet Beef and Beer Stew

USA flag When we think football, we think American Football not soccer, but the team is making a good showing. And what can be more American than a cheesburger with onions?
Cheeseburgers with Grilled Onions

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