World Cup Menu Series: Part 1

Enjoy the soccer World Cup with some Latin American cuisine. It’s fiesta time when Brazil, Argentina and Mexico take to the field.
World Cup Menu Series: Part 1
When the Latin American stars from Brazil, Argentina and Mexico take to the field, expect some real fireworks. Famously party-loving, the crowds create a carnival atmosphere and plan to fiesta all day and all night. Join them as you watch with some Latin American favorite recipe dishes.

The following dishes are all easy to prepare, so if you're entertaining, or simply want some inspiration while watching the soccer, take note of these tasty options.

Argentina are hoping for their first World Cup win in 24 years and they’re expected to do well. They’ve sent England out in previous competitions, at the hands of Argentina’s current coach and legend Diego "hand of God" Maradona.

Argentina is rightly famed for dulce de leche, a form of caramel, but it’s highly calorific and so best saved for very special occasions. Instead, go mad for steak like the Argentines do and enjoy a lightly marinaded steak, grilled or better still, barbecued.

Brazil have an excellent record at the World Cup, previous winners no fewer than five times, they’re always hotly tipped. But they’ve slightly stumbled their way to the World Cup this year, so anything could happen.

A large country, Brazil has a diverse range of dishes, but Brazilians typically enjoy churrasco (skewered meats) and also an array of tropical fruits on offer which helps to keeps things on the lighter side.

While Mexico are regulars at the World Cup, in the last four tournaments they’ve never progressed past Round 16. Perhaps they miss the dishes Mexico is rightly famous for and hurry home – grilled corn-on-the-cob, burritos and tacos laced with fiery jalapeno peppers and cheese-filled tortillas. But reliant on zingy fresh flavours like lime and chilli, Mexican dishes needn’t be heavy.
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