Cuisine of the Day: Middle Eastern

There is more to Middle Eastern cuisine than meets the eye.
Cuisine of the Day Middle Eastern

Like Mediterranean cuisine, Middle Eastern food relies heavily on the use of oil. While some is okay, too much is not.

So watch out for oily side dishes like marinated beans and heavily dressed salads, as well as fried foods like falafel (fried ground chickpeas).

Instead, opt for less greasy items like chicken kebab, freshly made pita, Israeli salad (tomatoes, onions and cucumbers), rice-stuffed grape leaves and a small amount of hummus.

Yogurt-infused dishes also receive the thumbs up, so try out some yogurt-based soups or salads.

Wise Choices PointsPlus™ Value
Yogurt and cucumber salad, 1/2 cup 2
Pita, 1 small 2
Yogurt and cucumber soup, 1 cup 3
Hummus, 1/4 cup 4
Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), 4 4
Shish kebab (marinated meat and vegetables), 2 small skewers 8
Not-So-Wise Choices PointsPlus Value
Falafel patties, 4 8
Falafel in pita, 1 (large pita with 4 falafel patties) 13
Gyro, 1 16

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