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Planning for Weight Loss
A little planning goes a long way when it comes to weight loss

Lifestyle Modification: The Cornerstone of All Weight-Loss Treatments
Experts stress that the choices made concerning weight-loss treatment should be additive, not sequential.

The Skill of Flexible Restraint
How to control your eating without feeling deprived.

Impact of Weight Loss on the Family
Research shows that weight loss can have health benefits not only for the person shedding pounds, but also for the whole family.

The Science Behind Self Monitoring
Experts have found that tracking what you do increases the likelihood of weight-loss success.

Coping Skills
A lack of strong coping skills can lead to overeating and weight regain. Learning coping skills such as meditating and exercising can help manage stress levels during the emotional episodes that are part of everyone's life.

Social Support and Lasting Weight Loss
The help and encouragement of other people is linked to lasting weight loss.

The Predictors of Successful Weight Loss
Discover which factors, including expectations and goals, help predict weight-loss success.

Parental Involvement—Key to Weight Loss in Kids
Parents have tremendous power to create a lifestyle and environment that helps children maintain a healthy weight long term.

Lasting Weight Loss for New Moms
Just about every woman wants to return to her pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth. Research shows that losing the baby weight isn't just about fitting into old clothes; it's important for long-term health as well.

Expectations and Plateaus
Expectations about how much weight can be lost as well as the speed with which it can be lost affect the weight-loss process.

The Benefits of a Supportive Environment
Establishing a support network at the beginning of a weight-loss effort and keeping it strong to maintain lasting weight loss is important for long-term success.

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