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Clinched and Planked Salmon Steak
Learn to grill like a pro.

Shani Weighs In: The 400-Calorie Slice
Shani has her cake…will she eat it too?

Shani Weighs In: The Week that Got Away
Shani's quick fix for looking thinner backfires.

Shani Weighs In: A Moment of Weakness
Shani was having a great week. See what sent her for a pint of ice cream.

Shani Weighs In: Judging a Book
Shani gets a sneak peak at her first book cover.

Shani Weighs In: Holiday Success
Shani a good holiday week give Shani food for thought.

Shani Weighs In: The Voice in My Head
Holidays are tough, but Shani has a plan.

Shani Weighs In: My Skinny Jeans
The scale may be status quo, but Shani’s dress size is dropping anyway.

Shani Weighs In: Lights, Camera…Action!
Shani works up the courage to ask for an online video segment.

Shani Weighs In: On Being Ready
Are you ever really ready to make the right choice every time?

Shani Weighs In: Behind Closed Doors
Shani is struggling with holding herself accountable for what she eats at home.

Shani Weighs In: The Little Cupcake that Could
This week, Shani is unknowingly sabotaged by an innocent-looking cupcake

Shani Weighs In: The Bridesmaid's Dress
Shani's in her brother's upcoming wedding, and the first dress fitting is fast approaching.

Shani Weighs In: TV vs. the Gym
There's a battle brewing for how Shani spends her evenings.                

Shani Weighs In: 25 Random Things
Shani has written 25 random things about herself. Now it's your turn!

A Big Payoff
Shani is rewarded for sticking with the program despite disappointments.

Shani Weighs In: Temptation Takedown
The holidays may be over, but the tempting food situations keep coming. How is Shani handling them?

Great Expectations
Shani did everything right this week; the scale didn't notice, but everyone else did.

Shani Weighs In: What Could One Week Hurt?
Shani decides to go off plan over Christmas. Here’s what happened.

Shani Weighs In: Favorite Blogs of 2008, Jan. 7
Shani remembers her favorite blogs

Shani Weighs In: Favorite Blogs of 2008, Dec. 31
Shani remembers her favorite blogs

Shani Weighs In: Favorite Blogs of 2008, Dec. 24
Shani remembers her favorite blogs

Shani Weighs In: Confidence is Key
Shani wants to look good, and she's learning that she already does.

Shani Weighs In: Persistence Pays Off
Shani finally reaches a personal milestone.

Shani Weighs In: Girl Talk
When Shani and her friends see a movie, the conversation turns to weight

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