Fitting in Fitness

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The Bonding Power of Couples Yoga
Stressed? Grab your partner and reconnect with couples yoga.

Ready, Set … Martial Arts!
Hit the mats and learn a warrior's workout in seven easy steps.

Banish Arm and Belly Jiggle
Never be afraid of a sleeveless top or clingy knit again. This workout will keep you toned and tight.

Walk Across America
Walking's great. But if you need a break from the same old same old routine, here's a new way to think about how far you're getting!

Safe Fall Fitness
Get active and stay safe when the days get short and the temperatures drop.

Why Everyone Should Try Kickboxing
Looking for a way to punch up your exercise plan? This full-body workout is a real knockout.

The Art of Exer-Socializing
Exercising with friends gives you a boost of motivation and accountability.

Body Fuel: What to Eat Before a Workout
What to eat -- and when -- to get the most from a workout.

Why Isn’t My Workout Working?
You're used to seeing results when you exercise. So what's with the sudden stall in your weight loss?

Biking Basics
Biking is a fun, low-impact way to keep fit. So hop on your bike and get going!

Overcome Your Gym Rage
Some of us find gyms more off-putting than others. How can you deal with your gym avoidance?

Making the Most of Local Parks
Looking for a fun way to meet new people while reaching your activity goals? Sign up for a class at your local rec center. We found six cool classes you might find at a park near you.

How to Make Exercise a Habit
Is your fitness routine on-again, off-again—perhaps more often off than on? Learn how to make exercise a habit that will stick for life.

Dance Off the Weight
Dancing doesn’t feel like exercise, it just feels fun. The fitness benefits are a welcome bonus.

The Benefits of Light Exercise
Workouts don't have to be hard to be helpful. Here's why it's OK to sweat less.

4 Moves, 5 Workouts to Accomplish Any Fitness Goal
All you need are four basic exercises – if you put them together the right way. Customize your plan from Shape magazine right here

Spring into Fresh-Air Fitness
Still searching for that hour you lost when the clocks changed? It's gone, but it left behind an extra hour of daylight to jumpstart your fitness plan.

Find Time to Fit in Activity
Stressed and busy at work, with no time to exercise? We have great tips that'll help you to get more from your day.

Video: 20 Minute Body Full-Body HIIT Workout
Yes, you read that right. Get a total body workout in only 20 minutes with this popular workout craze.

Take a Hike for Your Health
Clear your mind and blast calories — all at the same time — with a well-planned walk in nature.

Instant Workout Motivation
Get moving with these inspiring, no-holds-barred tips and wisdom from personal trainers.

Weight Watchers Ranked #1 Best Weight-Loss Diet by U.S. News & World Report for Fifth Year in a Row
2015 Best Diets review also gives us top ranking again in Best Commercial Diet Plan and Easiest Plan to Follow categories.

Why Every Woman Should Lift Weights
Nope, you won't get bulging muscles like an extreme female bodybuilders (unless you want to!). But you will see amazing, beautiful changes to your body once you start weight-training.

Bad Weather Workouts
Don't use the chilly, bleak weather as an excuse for ditching your exercise program. Make the most of indoor facilities with these seven workout ideas.

10 New Fat-Blasting Tabata Workouts
Take your workout to a new level and torch calories in just 4 minutes with these total-body moves from Shape magazine

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