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The WW Guide to Fall

Crisp air. Cider. Pumpkin everything. It’s been a challenging year, but there’s still something—many somethings!—about fall that makes fresh starts so inviting. Our experts have gathered fresh seasonal recipes, science-backed tips to feel your best (even when super stressed), and more. Ready to dig in?

WW Food Director Sherry Rujikarn, wearing a white shirt, standing in front of a gray wall with a plate of fruit and a jar of kitchen tools.

Reinvent Your Routine,

by Sherry Rujikarn, WW’s Food Director

“While it’s tough to bid summer farewell, now’s the time to get back into the kitchen after months spent standing over your grill or improvising last-minute dinners.”

  • Embrace the puzzle-esque satisfaction of meal planning and prepping. Having healthy meals ready to go for the week makes you more likely to stay on track.
  • Whip out the slow cooker for hearty stews and soups and crank up the oven for cozy (and convenient) sheet-pan dinners.
  • With sweet squashes, meaty mushrooms, satisfying sweet potatoes, and crunchy, farm-fresh apples (so many ZeroPoint™ heroes!), the bounty of fall gets me giddy in its own way.

So go for a stroll amidst the changing leaves, and consider this time of year a chance to refocus on you.”

Savor Fall Flavors

We’ve got a whole harvest of recipes featuring the season’s MDPs: most delicious players. Warm, cozy, hearty, spiced—all served.
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Level Up Your Skin Care

Caring for your complexion—along with other feel-good routines—can improve your mood, leading to the next healthy habit...and the next! And, as you lose weight, your skin may need even more TLC. That’s why we’re partnering with RoC, a science-backed, award-winning skin care brand your face will love. Pick up exclusive value sets in the WW Shop for up to 40% off retail.

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Take on a Challenge, Earn Badges

Consistency is key to creating healthy habits, staying on track, and reaching your goals. Need some motivation? Choose a challenge that keeps you motivated in the WW app and earn badges along the way!

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Call your crew

Wellness is more fun with friends! When you invite a friend to join WW, you’ll both get a free gift.†††