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Thank you for choosing WeightWatchers as a wellness partner for your organization. Did you know that you can now expand your program and bring even more health and weight-loss benefits to your eligible population? Check out your options below.

Expand your range of WW memberships

Our robust portfolio of plans ensures that each of your employees finds a wellness option that works for their specific goals and lifestyle.


A self-guided wellness experience

Core features our innovative, award-winning app that puts weight loss in the member's hands.

  • Employees can lose weight and get healthier with the science-backed WeightWatchers Program.
  • The WW app provides 10,500-plus recipes, on-demand workouts, meal planning tools, members-only community support, and 24/7 Coach chat.
  • Weekly progress reports help employees visualize their achievements and set new goals for the week ahead.


Support with face-to-face accountability

Attend live Virtual and in-person Workshops with a WW Coach and other members for the ultimate weight loss success.

  • Includes all Digital benefits.
  • Employees can bond with other members on a similar journey.
  • Offers unlimited weekly Coach-led Workshops from early morning to late at night, where employees can focus on their journey and swap tips.

WW for Diabetes

Developed to meet the unique needs of people with type 2 diabetes

WW for Diabetes combines our Core program with coaching from credentialed professionals

  • Includes all the benefits of our Core Program
  • Employees get a food plan
  • Employees will receive weekly CDE emails that tailor materials and Workshop room topics to address weight loss and diabetes.

In a 12-month clinical study, our WW for Diabetes program was not only proven to help people lose weight, but also lower A1c.

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Expand your eligible population

Because Wellness is #BetterTogether!

For even more success, make WW a family affair. Show employees you prioritize their wellness by expanding eligibility to include their spouse and/or domestic partners and dependents.

  • Partners and dependents 18-plus Add spouses, domestic partners, and/or dependent adults over 18 to any WW Plan.

Members who follow the WW program together lose 13% more weight than those following the program on their own.**

** Member data comparing weight loss on WW program after 8 weeks in multi-member households versus weight loss in single member households.

For us, WW is a lifestyle change—we even think differently now. It's the only way we've been able to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off.”

§People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

Rachel and Evan found wellness—together

Rachel, lost 20 lbs§

Evan, lost 29 lbs§

Use the power of science to drive wellness

Here’s how WW works in real life

Trained Coaches

Use Connect, WW’s member-only social network, to get inspired by others on a similar journey, share stories, and discover tips and tricks to stay on track.

Make the most of your wellness benefits today!

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