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Cense Sparkling

Did you know a 5 ounce pour of Cense Sparkling is just 3 PersonalPoints™? An average glass of wine contains approximately 120 calories and 4 PersonalPoints value per the same serving size. We’ll cheers to that!

Along with California-based Cense Cellars and winemaker Haydn Mouat, WW has produced a fruity Sparkling Wine that will delight your palate. Prepared with California grapes, this wine has aromas and flavor notes of apple, pear, and citrus.

Product Highlights

  • 3 PersonalPoints value per 5 fl. oz. serving

  • 85 calories per 5 fl. oz. serving
  • Cense Sparkling grapes are grown in California
  • Pop open a bottle and enjoy a glass of this Sparkling Wine, or add a hint of bubbly to Sparkling Elderflower-Mint Cocktail!
  • Available online at CenseWines.com and Wine.com

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