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Well-Rested—Emphasis on Well!

Sleep and wellness are deeply connected. Science shows that chronic sleep shortfalls are linked to an increased appetite for sugary, high-fat foods. Plus, a new study shows that when adults sleep more, they eat less (and lose more weight).* But that’s not all: Getting better zzz’s impacts almost everything in our bodies, from our brain to our heart to our metabolism. In honor of World Sleep Day on March 18, we’re giving you all the tools you need for a good night’s sleep—without counting sheep.

The Right Way to Use Your Phone Before Bed

Yes, Instagram’s Explore page can suck you in quick. But stop the scroll! Your WW app is a treasure trove of better-sleep tools.

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Wind down with soothing meditations from Breethe and restorative stretches from obé Fitness.
Use our sleep tracker to see patterns in your routine and identify areas for improvement.
Create a bedtime routine and we’ll send you reminders and science-backed strategies to help you drift off.
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Feel Refreshed, Round the Clock

False: Quality sleep starts after sundown. Here, the healthy habits you need from dawn to dusk.

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In the morning

Aim for a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, even on the weekends. A steady a.m. routine can make you feel calmer, happier, more confident, and less stressed. (*Sets alarm for seven days*)

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In the afternoon

Napping: not just for toddlers! Even if you generally get the nighttime slumber you need, napping can provide a considerable midday mood boost (and even help support long-term health), according to the Journal of Sleep Research. If you can swing it, a quick catnap—30 minutes or less—will do the trick.

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In the evening

Right before bed, consider three good things that happened in the last 24 hours, whether it’s getting a text from a friend or feeling thankful for a delicious dinner. Simply thinking about gratitude, research has found, makes it less likely you’ll have negative, worrying thoughts when falling asleep.

Get Healthy Sleep Now
Get Healthy Sleep Now

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You Snooze, You Win

With WellnessWins®, of course. Did you know you can earn five Wins daily for manually tracking your sleep? You can redeem those Wins for these relaxing rewards* (and so many others):

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More Sleep Resources

We rounded up some of our need-to-know info to help unpack the facts and guide you toward a better slumber.
*Sleep and weight loss: JAMA Internal Medicine. (2022.) “Effect of Sleep Extension on Objectively Assessed Energy Intake Among Adults with Overweight in Real-Life Settings.”