State and Local Sales Tax | WW USA

State and Local Sales Tax

We are required by state law to collect state and local sales tax in certain states.

The advertised price does not include sales tax. Applicable taxes are added to your subscription charge that are based on the applicable rate at the time you are charged and can vary by country, state, territory and city.

For new members the tax amount you are charged will be indicated in both the membership summary you will see on-screen and the confirmation email you will receive after signing up for a membership.

For current members you can go to the Account Status page under My Profile to see (1) the total amount you were charged for your most recent month ("Amount charged") and (2) the total amount you will be charged at your next billing date ("Amount to be charged"). The "Amount charged" includes any applicable tax, while the "Amount to be charged" includes an estimate of applicable tax, but the amount you will actually be charged could vary due to changes in local law.

These amounts can change over time with local tax requirements. If we become required to add a tax for your location, the change will be made on your account automatically.