Science Center

Paige Ruderman, MS, CHES

Project Coordinator, Behavior Change
Published April 1, 2021

What she does at WW

A new member of the Science team, Paige develops and manages processes for ongoing and specialty projects. In her role, she sets and monitors timelines for the behavior change team to ensure seamless project completion across channels, including research translation and coaching and experience creation. Her support is also instrumental in the development and presentation of WW’s Behavior Change Techniques, including weekly techniques and monthly themes, and the WW Science Hub—a living, breathing resource center for our teams around the world.

Her background

Prior to joining WW, Paige earned her master’s degree in Health Promotion at the University of Delaware. There, she studied behavior change and program creation, and completed numerous business courses. Upon graduation, Paige held a variety of project management-style roles where she learned how to build processes and timelines for a range of tasks. It was during this time that she honed her skills in, and developed a love for, business operations and project coordination.

What brought her to WW

Paige first worked with the Science team as a summer intern while completing her Master’s program. She was so inspired by the innovative work happening throughout WW and appreciated the opportunity to expand her health background and expertise. After finishing her internship, she set the goal of getting back to WW, which she ultimately made happen less than three years later! According to Paige, joining the organization as a project coordinator on the Science team is her dream role since she’s able to combine her love for all things health promotion and project management. She’s excited to bring her creative and logical problem-solving approach to the team.

Get to know Paige:

  • In her free time: She loves music, podcasting, and road trips! Next up on her travel to-do list: Visiting all of the major music cities, including Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX, and LA.
  • You might be surprised to learn: One of Paige’s favorite weekend activities is walking around the bookstore, but instead of heading for the novels, she finds herself drawn to the business and finance section. Her interest (pun, intended!) in the topic grew after college, and as she learned more about personal finance, she began connecting the dots between her studies on health behavior and the actions people take regarding their finances. During graduate school, she presented on the impacts of financial literacy and wellbeing on two separate occasions. To this day, she’s constantly reading books, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcast episodes on the topic.
  • The best advice she has ever received: Start journaling! “It’s the perfect hobby to help pass the time, reflect on your thoughts, and get creative,” she says. Plus, it’s a great way to keep a record of all the memories and experiences you’ve had for years to come.