Science Center

Leah Hecht, PhD

Behavioral Scientist
Published March 9, 2023

What she does at WW

At WeightWatchers®, Leah works cross-functionally to infuse scientific principles and evidence into its product offerings by providing scientifically-backed recommendations, frameworks, messaging, and guidance on best practices for behavioral weight loss. She leverages her behavior change expertise to support members’ weight loss, and advance overall scientific understanding for both members and the broader community.

Her background

Leah holds a PhD in clinical psychology with specialization in health psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. As a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in weight management and behavior change, she worked clinically with hundreds of people pursuing weight loss treatment. In addition to weight management, she has a background in health research, having developed a grant-funded digital wellness program for pregnancy.

What brought her to WW

The opportunity to have a broader impact on people pursuing their individual wellness journeys. Leah is energized by helping people pursue their health goals. WeightWatchers’ global presence was another draw: She’s looking forward to collaborating with colleagues around the globe.

Get to know Leah:

  • In her free time: You can find her camping, spending time with her beagle, Matilda, going vintage and thrift shopping, and traveling with friends and family.
  • You might be surprised to learn: She loves exploring cities off the beaten path. One of her most memorable trips was to Cottonwood, Idaho—she and her husband slept inside a giant wooden beagle at Dog Bark Park Inn!
  • The wellness advice she gives her friends: Sleep is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Try to find your ideal amount of sleep and stick to it, especially when you’re stressed.