Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich Bites

Total Time
30 min
20 min
This candy bar-inspired dessert is a super-tasty combination of chocolate and nuts. Add some coconut flakes, espresso powder, crispy rice cereal, or flaky sea salt for a fun flavor twist.


WW x Better 'N Peanut Butter Original Peanut Spread

¼ cup(s)

WW Vanilla Protein Booster Powdered Drink Mix

1 Tbsp

Maple syrup

1 tsp


1 small, sliced into thin rounds

Plain mini rice cakes

24 cake(s)

Lily's Dark chocolate baking chips

5 oz


  1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine the peanut butter, protein powder, and maple syrup. Spoon 1 tsp of the peanut butter mixture onto a rice cake. Top it with a banana slice and a rice cake, and gently press down. Repeat with the remaining rice cakes, peanut butter mixture, and banana slices.
  3. Place the chocolate in a small microwavable bowl; microwave, stopping and stirring every 15 seconds until melted, about 90 seconds total.
  4. Dip half of each sandwich into the melted chocolate, using a spoon to help cover if necessary, and transfer the sandwiches to the prepared baking sheet. Freeze until the chocolate sets, about 10 minutes. Keep chilled, in an airtight container, until ready to serve.
  5. Serving size: 1 sandwich