Blistered Sugar Snap Peas with Peanut Sauce

Total Time
20 min
15 min
5 min
Chili peppers contain a lot of heat – add none or a lot, according to your palate.


powdered peanut butter

8 Tbsp


5 Tbsp, hot

tamari sauce

1 Tbsp

fresh lime juice

1 Tbsp

dark brown sugar

1 tsp, firmly packed

ginger root

½ tsp, chopped

canola oil

1 tsp

uncooked sugar snap peas

1 pound(s)

chopped red hot chili peppers

2 Tbsp, or thinly sliced (or to taste)

kosher salt

½ tsp, (or to taste)

black pepper

¼ tsp, freshly ground (or to taste)


2 Tbsp, room temperature


  1. In a small bowl or measuring cup, whisk together powdered peanut butter, hot water, tamari, lime juice, sugar and ginger; set aside.
  2. Heat a large skillet over high heat until very hot. Add oil; using a heatproof silicone brush, coat entire skillet with oil (or tilt pan to distribute). Add peas and chile pepper; season with salt and pepper. Cook without stirring, 1 minute. Stir and continue cooking until peas are blistered and tender, 2 minutes more.
  3. Transfer pea mixture to a shallow bowl or rimmed plate. Dilute half of reserved sauce with 2 Tbsp room temperature water; toss with peas. Drizzle remaining sauce over top; serve.
  4. Serving size: 1 packed cup peas

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