Success Stories

Kendra's embracing change

When this actress realized she didn’t have control over big decisions, she decided to start making a change.

Kendra, Digital + Studio, Lost 82 lb*

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Kendra lost weight on a prior program and is continuing on WW FreestyleTM. Watch Kendra's journey of finding opportunity as a woman, wife, and actress in New York City in the video below.

In Kendra’s words:
When my husband and I started talking about having kids, I knew I wanted to give birth naturally, but found that many birthing centers have weight restrictions. I didn’t want anyone to tell me that you can’t have children the way that you want to because of your weight. I thought to myself, “If you can’t get your eating under control without kids and pregnancy, it’s not going to get easier.” So I joined WW.

Kendra’s mind-set shift

Eating like a real person
When I started the program, I wanted to bake cookies, and I said to myself, “How could I tweak this recipe to make these cookies 2 SmartPoints?” It was then that I realized that I didn’t want to be the person that says, “I can’t have this and this and this.” I want to eat like a regular person. I started to observe how my really healthy friends ate, and one thing that I noticed is that they don’t finish every bite of their meal. I also realized that they didn’t put so much weight into their meals. It can be as simple as having a piece of fish with hearty vegetables. These observations put things in perspective for me. I can have pizza and ice cream occasionally, but not all the time. And that works for me.

Social in the city
When the WW Freestyle program launched, I started to realize how it fit perfectly with my lifestyle. I can be a 27-year-old woman living in the city. If a friend asks me to go to happy hour, I can go and have a glass of wine and balance it out with ZeroPointTM foods. If I know I’m going to a cocktail party at night, I can have a hearty 3 SmartPoints breakfast and hit all my food groups thanks to the ZeroPoint foods like eggs, vegetables, and lean meats. It seems like every restaurant I go to now, there’s an option for me. WW Freestyle has opened so many doors for me, and it has made my life so much easier.

Becoming a ballerina
Throughout my weight-loss journey, my primary form of exercise was ballet. I found a teacher, Miss Sarah, who was so supportive of me. In college I had taken ballet classes, and from the moment I walked into the studio, it was very clear that I wasn’t thin enough, tall enough, and I didn’t have long enough extensions. Before, it was hard to learn in an environment where you just feel inadequate before you’ve even done anything. With Miss Sarah, she’s really passionate about helping us be the best that we can be in ballet. I feel like a tall, lean, graceful, beautiful version of Kendra, not of anybody else.


How Kendra’s success with WW improved her life

Acting the part
I went to school to study musical theater, and when I graduated I got an agent and moved to New York City. Before I lost weight, I was cast in the roles for older women since weight seems to read older on stage. I was getting auditions, but I wasn’t getting the type of work that I knew was going to get a career for me. And now, looking at the type of roles that I get called in for, it’s the stuff that makes sense. It’s the young lover; it’s the sexy club-goer; it’s the cute, funny best friend. But the fact that I’m being considered for things like that now, it’s like I’m a new person. Sometimes it’s tricky because I’ve had to rediscover who I am. I’ve had to look at different parts of my personality and see how I could sell those instead of being the voluptuous diva. It’s been a transition, but a good one, and one that I know is going to help me in the long run.

The possibilities are endless
Through this journey, I’ve noticed how much strength and power I’ve developed. I lost a person’s worth of weight; my career is taking off; and whenever we get pregnant, I’ll be able to do things my way. There are so many more things I want to accomplish in my life. I feel like I can tackle whatever I want to do. I don’t know where the wind is going to take me but I’m a woman of limitless possibility.