Impact Manifesto | WW USA

Our Impact


This is our vision of the future.
Our declaration that we're setting
a new standard for impact. For
people, families, and communities
around the world.

Not every company has the opportunity to impact the lives of millions.
We do.

We are a wellness company powered by the world’s leading sustainable weight-loss program.


For years, we’ve inspired millions to come together and begin a journey of positive, lasting change. To move more. To eat well. To connect with others. To celebrate their victories. To overcome their challenges. To reach what they never thought was possible.


Yet, our greatest potential lies ahead of us.


Today, wellness has become a social phenomenon. Even though people are thinking in healthier ways, they aren’t getting healthier. Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. We can help solve that paradox.

We see a future of far greater impact, driven by a single purpose.

We inspire healthy
habits for real life.*

*For people, families, communities, the world—for everyone.

This purpose will drive every business decision we make.


We know you and meet you where you are.

From the products we launch, to the communities we build, to the content we create, to the science we incorporate. All of this will help us create a ripple effect of change.


We help you build powerful habits, rooted in science.


Because when one person chooses healthy habits, their family changes, too. They inspire their friends, their colleagues. 


We enable you to find and form inspired communities.

Person by person, community by community, health spreads.


We believe that healthy living is a human right, and we aspire to make wellness accessible to all—not just the few.


This is our mission.