Guide to Grilling - Summer 2022 | WW USA

Grill & Chill

Here’s a hot take: Grilling is the easiest way to cook. And we’ll prove that to you all summer long with expert-backed techniques, must-have tools, and fire-kissed recipes that will make you want to cook everything over grates.

Get to Know Your Grill

Even if you’ve flipped your fair share of patties, these how-tos will give you at-the-grates confidence to cook all the things.

Let the Pro Show You

WW member and grilling expert Barrett Washburne serves up step-by-step instructions for two simple skewer recipes—plus a brilliantly easy way to clean the barbie.

The Only Grilling Tools You Need

Let’s put it this way: If it doesn’t streamline the cookout process (or make everything on the pit taste even better), WW doesn’t sell it.

Cook for a Crowd

No matter how many people you’re feeding or how picky their tastes (vegetarian or steak-snob), these guides help you plot the perfect low-Points® menu.

The Tastemakers

Whether you want smoky, sweet, or spicy, our products boost the flavor of your grilled dishes—all while adding 0 (or very few) Points.

Go Beyond Burgers

From BBQ brunches to grilled lasagna (yes, lasagna!), this is anything but basic barbecuing.
Silhouette of a group of three people

Meet other WW members who’ve added grill master to their cooking résumés—and steal their best-of-BBQ tips—on Connect.

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