What I Learned About Being on WW While Living with Diabetes

Lesson No. 1: It's easier to count Points® than carbs.
Published November 18, 2021

Name: Bobbi S.

Weight loss: 22 lbs*

Find me on Connect: @bobbiz_world

*Bobbi, 39, lost 22 lbs with WW and is continuing on PersonalPoints™. People following the WW program can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

My diabetes diagnosis came as a total shock. I didn’t have common symptoms, like frequent urination, increased thirst, or blurred vision, but looking back, my diet hadn’t been great. I ate whatever I felt like in the moment without considering how it affected my wellbeing. When my doctor told me I had diabetes in June, 2021, I went into a complete panic. I Googled the long-term effects that the condition can have on the body and became seriously scared for my health.

My doctor put me on Metformin, a prescription medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. I was also encouraged to adopt healthier habits and connect with a nutritionist, but I decided to try WW first. I’d been on the program before and knew that if I committed to it, I could turn my health (and hopefully diabetes diagnosis) around. The next day, I signed back up. Here’s what I’ve learned about being on WW while living with diabetes.

My Top 7 Tips for Following WW While Living with Diabetes

  1. It’s easier to track Points® than sugars and carbs. When you’re living with diabetes, it’s important to monitor how much sugar and carbohydrate you eat. It can be tiresome to count every gram of sugar, so instead I focus on staying within my Budget. This way, I’m guided toward foods that fit into a healthy pattern of eating while only having to track one number: the Points value. Much easier!
  2. You should always follow your doc’s orders. For some people, metformin can cause blood sugar to dip very low. My doctor told me that if this happens, I should eat foods that contain sugar. I followed that advice, even when it caused me to go over my Budget for the day.
  3. Your environment matters. One of the first things I did when I joined WW was go through my cabinets and fridge and toss anything that would throw me off track. I knew that rearranging my kitchen to make it easier to grab more nutritious options would set me up for success—and it did!
  4. Lean on your community. Whenever I need motivation, I log onto Connect, WW’s member-only social network. I read other people’s posts, get inspired by their stories, and steal their strategies. Their energy helps fuel my journey, and I find that the more I immerse myself in WW and the community, the more successful I am.
  5. Add in activity. Before I joined WW, I walked about 3,000 steps a day. To help bring my blood sugar back to a healthy level, I upped my activity. I started walking more with my dog, increasing my steps slowly. Then I added in the treadmill. Now I’m logging 9,000 to 10,000 steps a day and I’m not sitting as much as I used to.
  6. Don’t just focus on the scale. It’s important to celebrate all of your wins. For me, I’m eating better and my attitude has improved. I’m no longer avoiding social situations or getting annoyed when someone walks slowly in front of me. My outlook has done a complete 180. When I feel good, I want everyone around me to feel good!
  7. Hone in on those healthy habits. I love that with the Points Program, my Budget grows when I eat non-starchy veggies, drink water, and get active—habits that are great for my health and weight-loss journey. It’s encouraged me to drink more water and eat more veggies. My tip: Keep a veggie tray in the fridge so that you always have produce to nosh on.

Thanks to WW, I’ve lost 22 pounds so far! More importantly, I brought my blood glucose numbers down to a healthy level and reversed my diabetes. My doctor even took me off my medication. He couldn’t believe that I transformed my health so drastically and quickly! Even though I’m no longer on meds, diabetes isn’t out of mind. I still monitor my blood glucose levels twice a day, every day, and it’s important that I stick with my new lifestyle to keep those levels in a healthy range—which I more than intend to do. I feel better than ever. There’s no stopping me now!

What I Eat in a Day


I start the day with two cups of coffee with 1 tbs of creamer (I measure it out) along with a yogurt or protein drink.


Two hours after breakfast, I eat a small snack, like a piece of fruit or another yogurt.


I often make myself a chicken wrap. I also like to have my favorite spicy carrot bisque soup.


My husband and I cook WW’s Southern-Style Oven-Fried Chicken recipe at least once a week. It’s that good. I pair my portion with a side of veggies. Another fave is the Grilled Swiss Cheese with Dijon-Mayonnaise recipe.