6 Ways to Refocus on You Right Now

The last few months have been...a lot. Now’s the time to add that “self” onto “care”—and attend to your health and wellness.
Published August 16, 2021

If you pressed pause on your wellness goals this summer, or you're looking to jump-start a new health or weight-loss groove now, consider this a sign. You don't have to wait for back-to-school season for a fresh start.

Still, if you're thinking, how could I possibly make wellness a priority now (so busy! So stressed!), let us change your mind. New WeightWatchers®-funded research published in the journal Obesity, shows that WW works—even when life gets tough. The study found that compared to members who joined during the same time in 2019, people who joined us at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic had a slight decrease in weight loss during the first 7 weeks of when the pandemic struck, but weight loss returned to similar amounts as those who were on the program in 2019. In other words, WW's liveable program helped members hit their goals despite off-the-charts angst levels and all the barriers (hello, shelter-in-place orders) that accompanied 2020.

Ok, cool, but…brain stuck in summer mode and not sure where to start? No worries: We’ve assembled a six-step plan—and accompanying checklists (easy stuff!)—to help refocus your routine, with wellness front and center. From science-backed tips to new WW perks and products, this formula can help you launch strong.

1. Designate a day to meal prep

We like Sundays, but any day will do. Taking an hour or two to cook and pre-assemble a few days’ worth of meals can take the guesswork out of eating throughout the week and help you stay within your Budget. But before you start cooking, try these pre-prep suggestions.

  • Stock up on containers. Portion out your food for a balanced meal with WW’s range of easy-to-store food containers, suitable for every type of meal.
  • Select your recipes. The WW app offers a hassle-free way to design your menu and add your favorite recipes ahead of time with the Your Weekly Plan feature. You can also map out your meals using WW’s new 52-Week Meal Planner. It includes tear-away shopping lists, plus colorful stickers to mark your favorite make-it-again dishes.
  • Shop in bulk. Save more time (and money) by buying your favorite foods in bulk.

2. Keep your go-to foods handy

When you’re super hungry, you’re more likely to reach for the first snack you see, even if it doesn’t fit perfectly in your Budget. The solve: planning ahead and having filling, Budget-friendly, go-to foods—like the ones below—on hand and easily accessible. Put simply, it helps you make healthy choices without as much thought or effort.

  • ZeroPoint™ Foods. Whether you keep a fruit basket on your counter or boiled eggs and sliced bell peppers in the fridge, your personalized ZeroPoint foods list is a great place to turn for healthier, satisfying snacking.
  • Quick breakfasts. For rushed mornings, try WW Oatmeal Cups. They come in flavors like maple brown sugar and apple cinnamon, and take just a minute to make. Other to-go options that don’t require a spoon (or even 60 seconds): WW Breakfast Cookies or Mini Bars!
  • Snackable chips, crisps, and crackers. You won’t regret stocking up on WW’s Budget-friendly snacks the next time you’re in a salty, crunchy mood. From Veggie Snaps and Tortilla Chips to Chocolate Marshmallow Puffs, there’s a flavor (and texture) for every type of muncher.

3. Find a workout you’ll actually do

Fact: If you have fun being active, you’ll be more likely to exercise more often. While finding a workout you truly enjoy can be a game of trial and error, WW can help! We’ll simplify the search and save you money (no pricey studio classes here!).

4. Rely on your support system

The word “community” gets thrown around a lot, but having the right one truly is key for a rich, fulfilling life. Whether you lean on close friends, family members, or the connections you’ve made at WW Workshops, sharing your experience and getting tips from others who can relate to your wellness goals is a powerful way to stay motivated. Three ways to make that happen:

  • Invite a friend to join WW. Got a buddy who's interested in starting their own wellness journey? Invite them to join WW and you’ll both get a month free.
  • Get active on Connect. You don’t have to be a Studio member to find your WW fam! Take advantage of our own social media platform, Connect, in the WW app (look for the people icon in the bottom right corner). Post photos or videos of recipes you’ve tried, or share your daily inspiration and wellness milestones, and boom: Watch the love and support from other WW members pour in.
  • Make wellness part of the family. It’s both logical and science-backed: Focusing on your health is more manageable when your whole family is involved.

5. Schedule in self-care every day

Setting aside time—even 10 minutes—to cater to your needs is never selfish. In fact, research shows that taking care of yourself makes it easier to be there for others. For some people, that means taking a nap; for others, it may mean meditating, giving yourself an at-home facial, or scheduling a massage appointment. Let these self-care ideas get you started.

  • Cater to your skin. It’s far from superficial: Self-care, such as taking care of your skin, can improve your mood and benefit your overall wellness journey.
  • Create a sleeping oasis. Oh to score the sleep you dream of.
  • Refresh your wardrobe. Buying new clothes and getting dressed (even just from the waist up) can be restorative.

6. Support the causes you care about

Helping others, whether it’s taking your elderly neighbor’s dog for a walk or volunteering at a homeless shelter, is a great way to lift your spirits—and it could even improve your health. You can:

  • Find a volunteer role. Supporting your direct community can give you a strong sense of purpose, which is so good for your well-being. If you don’t know where to go, ask friends if they work with an organization in town, check Facebook boards, or visit volunteermatch.org, which lets you search for opportunities by city or zip code.