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A Message to the WW Community


Yesterday, we celebrated a historic victory with the Supreme Court’s decision to protect the LGBTQ+ community from workplace discrimination.

At WW, our purpose is “We inspire healthy habits for real life. For people, families, communities, the world—for everyone.” Those last two words “for everyone” mean that we seek to include all no matter what you look like, where you’re from, what you believe, how you identify, or who you love.

Our community is built on respect for all, the belief that diversity makes us better, and a commitment to sharing both the victories and challenges of our fellow members. Being a part of a community that is “for everyone” means fighting for the rights and equal treatment of all.

During this Pride Month, we seek to celebrate our LGBTQ+ employees, members, community, everyone. We commit to standing up and taking action until the LGBTQ+ community, and all members of our WW Family, achieve full equality. We are better together.


Mindy's newsletters

As some of you may know, I am not just the CEO of this amazing company—I’m also a WW member. What makes WW different is the incredible community we have built, both online in Connect and in Workshops around the world, and my absolute passion is talking with our members. I get the benefit of incredible tips, ideas, and inspiration from all of you during my travels, and my monthly newsletter gives me a chance to return the favor. I share WW updates, as well as news from my life and, of course, my kitchen!

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A Message to the WW Community

We will be better and we will do better.

To our members, our employees, our partners, our communities, to everyone:

The past few weeks have affected all of us, leading to moments of deep introspection, reflection and connection as a company. As a united Executive Team at WW, we are all committed to using those moments to drive real change and a more equitable world. For our employees, for our members and for our communities. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, are only a few of the most recent examples of the systemic racism that continues to plague our society, and must be the turning point for all of us. Last week, we paused, we listened. Today, we plan to take action.

At WW, we have made it a priority to cultivate a wellness community of diversity and inclusion. While we are proud of the progress we have made over the past few years, we openly recognize that we need to do more. We will do more.

Our WW action plan starts, but does not end, with:

  • Donating $1 million to non-profit organizations dedicated to positively influencing Black lives:
    • Social justice (NAACP Legal Defense Fund)
    • Education (Thurgood Marshall College Fund)
    • Health and wellness (Bernard J. Tyson Fund for Equitable Health and Well-Being)
    • Mental health (Loveland Foundation)
    • Prison reform (Reform Alliance)
    • WW will match all additional employee donations to the above organizations
  • Spotlighting Black-owned businesses on the WW Shop.
  • Adding donations to the Black Women’s Health Imperative as a Wellness Wins redemption option.
  • Formation of a Black Wellness Council to tackle health disparities.
  • Hiring a head of Inclusive Leadership.
  • Establishing a Black advisory group to guide our brand and communication efforts.
  • Pledging to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion initiative.
  • Creating new affinity groups, inclusive of a Black Affinity Group, to help bring together employees with similar backgrounds and interests.
  • Crafting a Black employee development program for professional and career development.
  • Creating internal educational and cultural programs aimed at eradicating bias and racism.
  • Requiring diversity hiring at all points along the WW ecosystem.

When we released our Impact Manifesto in early 2018, we made it very clear: we inspire healthy habits for people, families, communities, the world, for everyone - and we meant that to the word. EVERYONE.

It is impossible to focus on health and well-being if you are, literally, fighting for your life. So it is up to all of us as individuals, as an organization, and as fellow humans to advocate for our employees, our members, and our communities.

This is our promise. This is our commitment. From today and moving forward.

#blacklivesmatter #bettertogether


My June newsletter


I cannot begin this newsletter without acknowledging the pain and outrage expressed over the past few weeks. I’m incredibly thankful for our diverse WW family of employees, Ambassadors, and millions of members, including you. Community is at our core, and together we’ve spoken out against injustice. But words are not enough, so WW has made a plan and is taking conscious action to ensure diversity and inclusion in our organization, our membership, and our world. Take a look, above, and know that we will continue listening, learning, and working to make this right.

In order to take better care of one another, we must first take care of ourselves. That's what Global Wellness Day, is all about. It's a day when the WW family joins people around the world to make our health a priority. To celebrate, we launched a full day of wellness content, including a cooking demo, stretching class, special mindset Workshop, and much more.

We're kicking things off with the final session of Oprah’s Your Life In Focus: A Vision Forward Live Virtual Tour. WW partnered with Oprah to make this experience free for the world, and I’m thrilled that millions of members from around the globe have tuned in to talk about staying well, no matter what life throws at us. Don’t worry if you missed the first few events: You can watch them here and learn powerful ways to find calm, stay motivated, and show yourself and others the kindness we all deserve. I’m leaning on many of the ideas Oprah and her guests have discussed, including these:

  • Take time out to focus. In her first session, Oprah gave us all permission to step away from the news when it becomes overwhelming. I’m a news junkie, especially now, but it’s been helpful to set aside a little time for reading each day—not to turn my mind off, but to turn it on in a different way. I’m rereading Biased, by Jennifer Eberhardt, about the insidious influence of hidden prejudice, and just starting Leading Without Authority, by Keith Ferrazzi, about elevating everyone around you to succeed as a team. What are you reading these days? Share your book recommendations with me on Connect (@grossmanm57) or Twitter.
  • Feed your relationships. Oprah’s second session included a fascinating conversation with renowned relationship expert Esther Perel. “Disasters operate as relationship accelerators,” she said. “You get in touch with your priorities. You either emphasize the beginnings, the strengthening, the connection, or you emphasize the endings and the disconnection.” To make our bonds stronger, she suggested something so simple: Just say thanks. For the little things loved ones do for you, and for the qualities you love in them. Just this morning, I put it into practice, thanking my husband Neil for being such a thoughtful guy, bringing me coffee and making the bed (not so easy, as Oprah admitted on her Instagram!).
  • Meet with yourself every day. That’s how Jay Shetty described meditation in Oprah’s third session, all about becoming more resilient. I’ll be honest: Meditating is hard for me! But Jay helped when he defined it simply as “a time when you can meet with yourself and ask a few questions: ‘How am I doing today? What can I change today that's going to make me feel better?’” With those words in mind, I’m tapping into our partner, Headspace. Their meditations are right in the WW app, so no excuses. Gayle King joined Oprah to close the morning with a raw, emotional conversation about the murder of George Floyd. Speaking their truth, they inspired everyone listening to raise their own voices and call for change.
  • Commit to wellness. That's Oprah's theme for Global Wellness Day. She'll guide us toward doing one new thing—not all the things, just one—to support our health and well-being. Remember, WW is offering tons of free, easy-to-access tools to help, right here. Explore them and let me know on Connect or Twitter what you did to celebrate global wellness. So, what’s my one thing? I’m committing to exercising outdoors more often, for the energy boost and a hit of vitamin D. Our new partner, FitOn, makes it fun with video workouts in the WW app! There are hundreds of video workout classes to choose from, including yoga, Pilates, even boxing! Try them and share your favorite workouts with me on Connect or Twitter.

Have a safe and uplifting Global Wellness Day, everyone. Let’s do this #bettertogether.



My May newsletter

Hello, and happy (socially distanced) Mother’s Day! I hope you connect with the moms in your life today—virtually, wearing masks, sitting outside, six feet apart—any way you can. The holiday looks different this year, but love is love, as you can see in this video.

Like a lot of families, my multi-generational gang is sheltering together at our home in upstate New York. So this crisis has a silver lining for me: I’m getting to spend tons of time with my daughter, Lizzy, her husband, Cody, and my granddaughters, Emma and Hannah.

Watching Lizzy in action during this time has been truly inspiring. She’s an incredible mom and a dedicated 1:1 Coach for WW, navigating her own weight-loss journey while helping others do the same. She puts her kids to bed by 7 p.m., and many nights gets right on calls with members, offering advice and cheering them on. Her tips are super helpful, so this month I asked her to share some of them with all of you. Lizzy, take it away!

  • Remember, there are no “good” foods or “bad” foods (especially on Mother’s Day)! I love that WW encourages us to ditch the idea of “cheating” so we have a healthier relationship with food as we work toward our goals. Cake is definitely on the menu for me, and my mom, on Mother’s Day. Because we both like different flavors—and neither of us wants to spend the morning baking—we ordered two cakes. Hers is classic carrot from Zaro’s, and mine is chocolate buttercream from Sugarees. The Points are crazy, yes, but we budget for them, track them, and enjoy them! Are you saving SmartPoints® for a Mother’s Day treat? Share it with me on Connect @lgsirgey.
  • When in doubt, grill. To make room for that slice of cake, we’re throwing salmon on the grill for Mother’s Day dinner, and I can’t wait to try these WW recipes, too. The smoky flavor means you don’t need a heavy sauce, so you cut down on SmartPoints (and dishes)! My dad will take over the cooking while my husband handles the kids. What are mom and I going to do with all that free time?
  • Peace out. We all need togetherness to get through this, but alone time is crucial, too. With two kids under four, that’s a rare treat for me. So this afternoon you’ll find me on my “isolation” rock, getting some vitamin D, and Mimi (that’s my mom’s grandma name) on a long walk. 
  • Use what you’ve got. I can’t get the ingredients I usually cook with, or use my own kitchen tools. For example, at home, I always measure pasta and other foods using a digital scale, but my parents don’t have one. So, I improvised! I used an old fashioned scale, which is usually just kitchen decor, but it totally worked. I turned my serving of pasta into a super-filling meal by bulking it up with veggies and shrimp, including ZeroPoint™ shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and artichoke hearts.
  • Recruit a (little) workout buddy. If I waited for a childcare break to get active, I would never exercise. So I did my ab workout “with” Emma yesterday. She definitely upped the intensity by sitting on me, which is great because the other thing we love to do together is…
  • Bake. Share. Repeat. We bake almost every day to get creative (Emma) and burn off stress (me), so thank goodness I have Cody and my cousins here to help us eat what we make. I can’t wait to get back to my normal routine of giving most of our treats to Cody’s office and Emma’s school, so they don’t hang around my kitchen.
  • In the meantime, try puzzling! Over the course of my journey, I’ve had to come up with ways to cope with my emotions that don’t involve eating. One that works for me: Keeping my hands busy with something else. I’ll work on my computer, knit, make jewelry, and lately I’m putting in puzzle time! What’s your solution to curb emotional eating? Share it with me on Connect and I’ll pass it on to the members I coach.
  • Hugs are essential. Virtual or in person, reaching out means more now than it ever has. Today, I’m going to give a special squeeze of gratitude to my mom, aka Mindy, aka Mimi. I love you!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, everyone!


My April newsletter

Greetings from our “new normal”—I hope this finds you safe and well, wherever you’re sheltering through this global crisis. If you’re like me, quarantine is keeping you strangely busy, between work, Zoom meetings, cooking, and cleaning (wow, the dishes!). Tucked in there is family time with Neil, Lizzy, Cody, and our granddaughters Emma and Hannah. And every day, on Connect and Twitter and in live Virtual Workshops, I bond with my other family: the WW community around the world, including you. I’m so proud of how we’re getting each other through this thing! Here’s a snapshot of my sanity helpers:

  • 3 Good Things, every morning: I get up around 6 a.m., and the first thing I do is write down three things I’m thankful for in a little journal. It’s a practice WW talks about in Workshops because it gives you a happiness boost, and so many studies show that happier people make healthier choices. This morning (and many mornings) baby Hannah made the list—she already loves ZeroPoint™ apples!
  • Water tracking! It’s here, and you are already obsessed with it. In the first weeks after WW launched this new feature in the app, you glugged and tracked more than 60 million ounces of water! My goal is 12 glasses a day, and it’s so satisfying to hit that little + sign and see the fun water graphic filling in. If you haven’t tried the new tool yet, watch this video and get on board.
  • Meals on repeat. I get creative with dinner, but in the middle of the workday, I go for the same options over and over. It takes one decision off my plate, literally. Saved in my favorite meals for lunch: this low-SmartPoints® creamy chicken salad with GG Scandinavian Pumpkin Seed Crispbread crackers, or, during Passover, Matzoh (only 3 Points for an entire square!).
  • PlayPoints! My grandkids are like personal trainers around here, making sure we get moving. If you’re playing hard with your kids or grandkids, track the FitPoints®: Search for “Playing with children” under activity in your app and earn FitPoints for every 15 minutes.
  • The Greatest Showman: Besides Twister, I just started a 30-day Peloton challenge. My favorite class is the half-hour “Greatest Showman” ride—love the music, and it’s such a good workout!
  • Ideas from chef Curtis Stone: Shrimp is a delicious ZeroPoint food for all the people on Blue in my house, so we stocked up on the frozen kind. I’m loving these WW recipes, but we’ve still got more! Curtis Stone came to the rescue: He got on Zoom with me to share recipe ideas for shrimp and more freezer and pantry basics. We posted the video on Connect (search “wwnow”) and thousands of you tuned in. Thanks, Curtis!
  • Giving back. WW's Healthy Giving Challenge lets us all donate our WellnessWins™ to one of three charitable options focused on providing nutritious meals and fresh produce to people in need during this crisis. I’m so excited! It gives us the chance to do more (tracking everything, including activity and weight), earn more (Wins!) to give more, together. That’s because WW will match member donations up to 1 million dollars, for a total gift of 2 million. I broke 10,000 Wins the other day, and I’m not stopping! WW family, we’ve got this.

Years from now, I know we’ll look back on this time and remember just how surreal it was. But I also know that we will remember how we came together to support one another, on Connect, in live Virtual Workshops, and through the Healthy Giving Challenge. I’m so grateful to you, and proud of us, for being #bettertogether.


My March newsletter

To you and the entire WW family—I truly hope everyone reading this is healthy, and staying safe. It’s been all hands on deck at WW, shifting our business nearly overnight to support members with live Virtual Workshops, a wealth of stay-healthy resources, extra encouragement on our social channels, and more. That’s kept me busy as WW’s CEO, but I’m also managing this new normal as a member, too. Like many of you, I’m taking care of family, figuring out the work from home thing, and keeping up my healthy habits as best I can. Balancing it all can be a challenge, but it’s so important for each of us to #stayhome as much as possible to protect ourselves and one another. Here’s a snapshot of what’s helping me right now—please share your strategies, too! I’m always on Connect (@grossmanm57) and Twitter.

Unexpected family time! I’m happy to have my husband Neil, daughter Lizzy, son-in-law Cody, and granddaughters Emma and Hannah all under one roof at our home in upstate New York. The grown-ups switch off working (Lizzy as a WW Coach) and pitching in with the kids. My specialty is paper crafts: I color and glue right along with Emma. It keeps me in the moment, and a little creativity unlocks my brain. Great for stress!

My WW family. It’s strange that during a time of social distancing, I’ve never felt more connected to all of you, and judging from this video, you feel the same. (Please watch—it's amazing!) I had no trouble logging in to my Virtual Workshop, where everyone talked about how much it meant to be able to see friendly faces and swap tips. One young mom talked about setting up daily routines for her children, just like the ones they follow in preschool. I realized I need that too, so I have a new mantra…

Move. Every. Day. I’ll be honest and say that my resolution to work out daily went out the window when this crisis began, but I’m determined to get back on track. Walking outdoors helps me get steps in and burn off the stir-craziness. And seeing the first signs of spring—yes, even on a snowy morning—helps me feel hopeful.

Cooking (oh, and tracking!). We’re doing our share of stress-baking here, including what I call “oxymoron cookies”—chipless chocolate chip cookies. But we’re also leaning on WW recipes, including this member favorite chili that saves SmartPoints® for later (quarantinis, anyone?). You make it with canned beans, which we have a ton of. I told my Workshop that cooking feels like being on Chopped these days, as we try to use what we have and can find in the store! Share your kitchen creations with me, please, on Twitter and Connect.

Working in slippers. The WW team is meeting on Zoom (if you haven’t tried the app, download it!) at all hours, but at least work feels comfy these days. It’s almost like being in our conference rooms, but now everyone’s really...real. There are kids crying, dogs barking, and mess in the background. I like it! On my end, Emma and Hannah make regular appearances (Hannah contributes a lot by teething on my chunky necklaces), and their presence feels like a blessing, not an interruption.

Organizing! It’s how Lizzy keeps sane when things get crazy, and take a look at the results. I mean, wow. She’s going through the house, closet by closet. Is that why she’s so chill, and I’m not? Which brings me to a new healthy habit I’m focused on...

Mini-meditations. The amazing Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet, led a meditation on every stop of Oprah’s 2020: Your Life in Focus Tour. He taught me, and whole stadiums full of people, that the mind needs rest just like the body does. So even though I’ve never been good at sitting still or slowing down, I’m determined to try with the Headspace meditations on the WW app. Some of them take just three minutes. I can handle that, right?

Finally, gratitude. We need it now, more than ever. I’m so thankful for my family, my co-workers, the entire WW community, and you, because we’re #bettertogether. I’ll check back in with you soon, and meantime, stay well.

My February newsletter

Are you feeling the love this February? I know I am, for so many reasons. First, it’s heart-health month, and that means a lot to me, personally. My mom, Elaine, was only 3 when her father died of a heart attack and a teenager when her mother suffered a stroke. She had always struggled with her weight and had her first heart attack at age 50.

Seeing the toll that heart disease has taken on my family has certainly shaped me. At 62, I feel motivated to make sure I’ll be here for my daughter and granddaughters—to play, travel, and experience adventure—for many years to come. I want that, not just for my family, but for everyone, so I was incredibly honored to receive a Red Dress Award from Woman’s Day magazine, recognizing WW’s work helping people around the world build healthy habits for real life. Show your heart some love with these tips.

Something else that's touching my heart these days: The stories featured on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour (follow along on Instagram, and get my behind-the-scenes updates on Twitter).

  • In Atlanta, Erik Pimentel told Oprah that after he lost his leg in a forklift accident, he realized that extra weight was preventing him from getting mobile. He joined WW and dropped an incredible 110 pounds! Beyond his weight loss, he wowed us all with his purpose: “It’s a gift for me to support other amputees,” he said. “I know the struggle, and I want to inspire them.
  • In Brooklyn, we heard from Tara Deckert, a New York City police officer who lost 44 pounds on WW and campaigned tirelessly to bring the program to everyone at the NYPD. We partnered up, and the department lost a total of 3,417 pounds together. 
  • Later that day in Brooklyn, Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah and talked about pretty much everything, including her marriage and life as an empty nester, which she is loving. “It is so good, y’all, No, it is really good,” she told the crowd. Honestly, her smile said it all.

In the middle of tour-mania, WW welcomed a new Ambassador: Daphne Oz! She’s an Emmy Award–winning television host, New York Times best-selling author, chef, mother of four, and daughter of my friends Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz. Daphne will be sharing her happy, healthy recipes with our WW family, including her Better brownies. They’re gooey, fudgy, and check out the SmartPoints® value: 4 (Green), 3 (Blue), 3 (Purple)!

The last thing I’ll say: YOU are the heart of WW. You constantly amaze me with your tips and hacks, struggles and wins...all of it. Let’s keep talking on Connect (@grossmanm57) and Twitter, because every day, you remind me why I love what I do.


My #WWYearinReview video


My January newsletter

Wow, is this new year off to a fast—and fantastic—start! It began for me in Ft. Lauderdale with a burst of inspiration at the first stop on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour. Having my family there with me made it even more special! I was deeply moved by the entire day, including Oprah’s fearless conversation with Lady Gaga. Judging from the tears and cheers, all 15,000 attendees felt exactly the way I did.

As I watched them leave the arena, fired up and ready to share what they’d learned with friends and family, I saw how this one event will have a positive ripple effect on hundreds of thousands of people. So exciting! Follow along on Twitter and Connect (@grossmanm57), where I'll be sharing behind-the-scenes highlights from each of our stops.

What else is new for me in 2020? So much! Here’s a taste:

  • New members, finding WW in new ways. I’m thrilled that so many of you have signed on this month, making myWW™ our most popular program ever. Our pop-ups and Studios in Kohl’s stores around the country are helping us meet you where you are, so look for one the next time you’re shopping. 
  • New snack! Introducing WW Nacho Tortilla Chips, just in time for Superbowl season! They’re cheesy, crunchy, and perfectly sized to scoop up my favorite guac. I’m putting out a big bowl of individual snack bags at our Superbowl party, so people can grab one for just 2 SmartPoints® value (Green, Blue, Purple).
  • New goal: My aim for 2020 is to get in some activity every single day. Yes, even on the road! Our behavioral-science team always says that goals should be truly doable, so I’m shooting for 30 minutes or more, but I’ll be happy with 15 minutes of body-weight exercises in a hotel room, or a few 10-minute walks throughout the day. Hey, it all counts!
  • New Neil! When I took this job two years ago, I had no idea it would husband! He lost so much weight, we put him in our winter campaign (he’s down 30 pounds!). Congratulations, Mr. Neil (that's his fun nickname)!
  • New recognition (that never gets old): WW was recently named the #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss by U.S. News and World Report, for the 10th year in a row. What a way to end a decade, and kick off a new one!
  • New gadget: Lizzy and I are obsessed with our air fryers. Suddenly, eggplant parm is back in rotation, along with these WW air-fryer recipes. A 2-Point Bloomin onion? That’s my idea of a miracle. Hop on Twitter or Connect and tell me what you’re air-frying.
  • New mantra: Instead of obsessing about my to-do list, I’m going to focus on my NOT-to-do list. I’m challenging myself to be discerning and focus on the things that are truly important. That leaves time for myself, to be fulfilled by friends, family, and life! What’s on your NOT-to-do list? Let me know on Twitter and Connect.

One last thing: Did you know that today, January 17, is the day people are most likely to quit their resolutions? That’s not how we roll at WW. Instead, we’re celebrating Recommitter’s Day. To join in, share your 2020 goals on Connect, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #WWYearinReview and tag us @ww. And check out my Year in Review video, above!


My December newsletter

Hi everyone, and happy holidays! I love that this time of year brings us all together, reminding us what (and who) really matters in our lives. You know my family is my why, so of course I have to share our holiday card photos. Show me yours on Connect (@grossmanm57) or Twitter, please!

Some family news that makes me super proud: My daughter, Lizzy, just became a WW Personal Coach! (Check out her incredible weight and wellness journey on Connect @lgsirgey.) “Personal coaching has been such a huge part of my success,” she says. “I want to pay it forward and do what I can to help others reach their goals.” Honestly, the whole family is living WW, including me. Here’s what I’m excited about right now:

  • Low-SmartPoints® cookies! My granddaughter Emma is the family cookie critic, and she gave these fudgy chocolate bites a big thumbs up. They’re new from the WW Test Kitchen and you won’t believe the Points: 2 (Green), 1 (Blue), 1 (Purple).
  • I’ve realized that when I put workouts on my calendar, they actually happen. So I block out time for indoor cycling at 6:30 a few mornings a week. If I see it on my phone the night before, I actually haul myself out of bed and get on the bike. How do you motivate yourself to move more in winter? Let’s all swap tips on Connect.
  • At WW, we meet you where you are, and for me, that means lots of travel! I fly constantly in order to spend time with members and staff at our Studios worldwide, so I’m thrilled that WW snacks are now sold at Cibo Express in major airports. I was just at JFK in New York and grabbed a bag of our Barbecue Potato Crisps instead of the regular kind. Delicious, and I saved 4 SmartPoints!
  • I go all out for big holiday dinners, but the rest of December, I’m a kitchen minimalist: Less prep + less cleanup = more joy. These WW recipes are rich and homey and leave you with exactly one pot or pan to wash (unless you use fancy serving dishes—and I don’t!).
  • Finally, on December 7, I joined 60,000 other people in 52 cities around the globe for The World’s Big Sleep Out to show solidarity and support for the homeless. Our group gathered in Times Square, climbed into sleeping bags, and spent one night experiencing what so many men, women, and children face every night. It was a humbling but hope-filled event, and Team WW sleep outs around the country raised more than $25,000 to help end homelessness. Giving feels especially good around the holidays. I’ll be doing a lot more of it before we close out 2019.

Thank you, WW family, for another wonderful year together!

My November newsletter

First I have to ask: Are you Green, Blue, or Purple on myWW™? I’m so curious to know, so tell me all about it on Connect (@grossmanm57) or Twitter.  This innovation lets you choose how to live WW, which thrills me as CEO, but also as a member.

My weight has fluctuated my entire life–I could always lose, but then I’d re-gain. When I took this job, I went all in and lost seven pounds, but what’s most exciting is that I stayed there. I have not deviated more than a couple of pounds from my healthy weight goal in literally two years. This has never happened to me before! And that’s why I am not leaving Blue!!

Green, Blue, or Purple, there’s one key to success: Just. Keep. Tracking. Even on the busiest day, or when I’m traveling, or if I’ve gone way over my SmartPoints® Budget…I track. These shortcuts make it nearly automatic:  

  • I’ve got a few breakfasts and lunches on repeat and the WW app learns those “frequent meals” so I can track them with one tap. I use it for my regular sushi order: a spicy tuna roll, inside out with brown rice, plus edamame. Quick to eat, quick to track, and 10 (Green), 6 (Blue), 5 (Purple). For new meal ideas, I'm turning to the myWW Program Cookbook—all easy and delicious!
  • Best guessing beats not tracking, according to our chief science officer, Dr. Gary Foster, so I’ve gotten to be a pretty good guesser when I’m eating out. What helps is finding something in the WW recipe database that seems similar, like these two pork dishes. I add a few Points, because WW recipes use genius healthy-cooking hacks that restaurants don’t. That’s close enough, right?
  • Have you used the barcode scanner on the app yet? Whenever I’m trying something new, it lets me scan the item to find the SmartPoints value, and instantly track a serving. I was recently in the grocery store and scanned all the wraps to find the lowest-Points option (Toufayan low-carb, low-sodium wrap–amazing with turkey, low-fat Jarlsberg cheese, and crisp coleslaw). I love that other shoppers get curious and ask what I’m doing. Sometimes I even draw a crowd!
  • Yes, I actually track bites off my granddaughter Emma’s plate. Seriously. That kind of dedication has helped her mom, Lizzy, lose the baby weight on WW, so we track those Points together! Where do you stand on tracking a bite of dessert or a few stolen french fries? Let me know on Connect and follow Lizzy (@lgsirgey).
  • We break the rules at Thanksgiving and do prime rib instead of turkey. Our no-fail family recipe is incredible, but not exactly low-Points! I track anyway, every day, because that’s what weeklies are for, am I right? Share your worth-the-Points recipe with me on Connect or Twitter with #WWThanksgiving.
  • I’m obsessed with WellnessWins™. Neil and I get competitive about our totals! Every meal or snack racks up Wins, and you can redeem them for very cool stuff, but I always donate mine to WW Good. That’s our social-impact campaign, focused on bringing healthy food to families in need around the country. Knowing I’m helping others motivates me to stick with tracking, moving, all of it. Turns out, WW Good donations are one of our most popular rewards. That says a lot about the generosity of this WW family. I’m so proud to be one of you!

Finally, today’s big news? We've announced the special guests on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour. I am so awestruck by this lineup! Find out who's coming by visiting and following us at on Instagram.

My October newsletter


Happy almost-Halloween! I go all out for this holiday—you’ll definitely see my costume on Twitter and Connect @grossmanm57. Show me yours! Here's what's going on this month for me:

  • My garden in upstate New York is the gift that keeps on giving, and right now we’re harvesting squash by the truckload (literally). Every variety works as a genius ZeroPoint™ stand-in for potatoes, and they’re delicious roasted, stuffed, spiralized, you name it. These recipes are my current faves, but I want to hear yours. Post them on Connect with #squashcrazy.

  • I just hosted a WW team at our house, and we kicked off a beautiful Indian-summer day with some backyard yoga. To tap into that same sense of calm wherever I am—even the back of a taxi—there’s Headspace, right in the WW app. My favorite meditation is Refresh. Just three minutes of breathing leaves me surprisingly less stressed.

  • Speaking of stress, my daughter, Lizzy, is juggling life with a 3-month-old and a toddler. How does she solve dinner? Rainbow bowls! Try this: Start with your favorite greens, veggies, beans, and salsa. Then add grilled flank steak and a drizzle of low-fat mayo mixed with sriracha and fat-free yogurt, all for a SmartPoints® value of only 4. (Follow Lizzy on Connect @lgsirgey for more smart dinner ideas.)

  • For me, cooking is relaxation (and if I’m sipping a nice low-Points tequila…that’s heaven!), so I’m extra-thrilled about our new partnership with Sur La Table. Starting next month they’ll host cooking classes featuring SmartPoints-friendly recipes in 81 of their kitchens around the country. Sign up at a location near you, or try this cozy autumn lasagna at home.

  • I hung out with finance expert Nicole Lapin during the launch for her new book, Becoming Super Woman. In it she gets honest about the burnout-turned-breakdown she experienced a few years back, and how she prioritized her own wellness. Her morning routine inspires me: She writes in a gratitude journal and gets herself totally ready for the day, all before looking at her phone. Want to try it with me?

  • Instead of dipping into the halloween candy we bought “for the kids,” this year, I’m reaching for WW mini-bars. They come in the same flavors as fun-size candy bars, for half the SmartPoints value (only 2!). Chocolate Caramel, I’m coming for you!

My September newsletter


September is back-to-everything season for all of us, and on top of that, I’m thrilled about something brand new...

  • For the first time ever, we’re hitting the road with Oprah! WW is partnering with her on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour, a live experience where she’ll share her own wellness journey and introduce us to game-changing experts and storytellers. Oprah’s hope for this tour is “to motivate others to let 2020 be the year of transformation and triumph—beginning first and foremost with what makes us well.” This is really what WW does best: We bring communities of people together with the shared goal of living our healthiest lives. I can’t wait to learn, laugh, eat, dance...and more, with thousands of you in nine U.S. cities.
  • I’ll get honest and say, I’m in birthday recovery mode. Mine was the 8th, but I also celebrated on the 2nd, the 7th, and the 9th! I loved–and tracked–all of it. My attitude about gaining 2.5 pounds: Cake happens! But now I’m back to my 23 SmartPoints® a day, and it feels good.
  • ZeroPoint™ foods make my Budget go so much further, and my favorite right now is salmon. I’m not the cook in the family (that would be my daughter, Lizzy) so I keep it simple with this quick stovetop recipe dressed up with WW’s 1‌-‌SmartPoints pesto. Make extra because you’ll want it on everything.
  • Activity is also key, so I'm learning to play golf (I’m even getting competitive)! On weekends I head to our local course with Neil and come back four hours and 15 FitPoints® later. Weekdays I’m trying to jump rope. No fancy moves for me yet, but it’s great cardio, tones my arms, and works as a portable gym when I’m traveling. And exciting news! I’m walking in the WW Good 5K in Hempstead, Long Island, on September 22. It gets in steps and helps us put healthy food within reach for thousands of families. If you’re nearby, join me!
  • The WW office building in NYC has a cool perk: a Trader Joe’s downstairs! I always grab Columbus Honey Turkey when I’m there, for loads of smoky-sweet flavor with just 1-SmartPoints value. What do you pick up on TJ runs? Tell me on Connect (I’m @grossmanm57).
  • Finally, I’m living by the mantra “Progress, not perfection.” Those three words from our founder, Jean Nidetch, remind me to take risks, forgive myself, and be open to trying new things. 

My August newsletter


I’ve been thinking a lot about family this summer, as Neil and I welcomed our second grandchild, Hannah Lee! Lizzy, Cody, and big sister Emma are over the moon, and so are we. Looking at my family now, I’ve got just one word: gratitude. (My grandma name is Mimi! What’s yours? Follow me on Connect @grossmanm57 and let me know.)

We get lots of family time at our farm in upstate New York. It’s my happy place, and a little slice of ZeroPoint™ heaven, thanks to our garden. We grow all our own veggies, including a bumper crop of tomatoes. How to use them all? It’s a good problem to have, and I’ve been getting my ideas here.

My food revelation of the summer is the ZeroPoint clambake: grilled lobster, shrimp, and salmon; corn on the cob; summer bean salad; and grilled peaches for dessert. A completely healthy feast that leaves SmartPoints® for wine!

Homegrown and homemade is the dream, but reality sometimes means eating on the go. I love my Starbucks order: egg white and red pepper sous vide bites. They’re delicious, filling, and only 5 SmartPoints®.

One of my trips this summer was for the WW + Daybreaker event in LA, led by the unstoppable Julianne Hough. It was live-streamed globally and more than 500 people joined us in person for yoga and a joy-filled dance party, all before 7 a.m.! My takeaway: Activity should be about freedom and fun. I’ve been putting that thought into action with Emma, in the pool, on the swings, everywhere.

Finally, I’m feeling extra-inspired by two WW members: Gayle King, and my husband, Neil. Gayle led a wonderful conversation with me and Kathleen Murphy, Fidelity’s head of personal investing. “We all need to make our financial and physical wellness a priority,” Gayle said, adding that when we do, we should give ourselves credit: “You need to say, yay me! I did that.” And Neil? He’s lost 25 pounds on WW since March, showing me how it’s done, every single day.