11 Foods You Didn't Realize Could be Zero Points

But should *definitely* try!
Published February 12, 2019

Fun fact of the day: the WeightWatchers® Program has hundreds of ZeroPoint™ foods that you never have to weigh, measure, or track. In other words, eating them won’t cost you a single Point. Zero, zilch, nada. Brilliant? Agree to agree.

Your list of ZeroPoint foods includes culinary staples like chicken breast, eggs, non-starchy veggies, beans, and more. These foods were chosen because they help form the foundation of healthy eating patterns. Loading your plate with these ingredients isn’t just good for your body—it’s great for weight loss. That’s because ZeroPoint foods are less likely to be overeaten than other foods. Think about it: It’s easier to snack on, say, six cookies than it is to down six ZeroPoint chicken breasts in one sitting.

How to use ZeroPoint foods

There’s no right or wrong way to dig into ZeroPoint foods, but these three ideas can help get you started:

  • Build on them. Choose one of your ZeroPoint™ foods as a base, then layer in flavor with other foods (some which may also be 0 Points and some that may not be). For example, you could start with skinless chicken breast, add diced tomatoes, and top with an ounce of mozzarella and basil. Lots of yum, very few Points.
  • Use them as a cushion. If you’re likely to run out of Points before the end of the day, turn to recipes made entirely of ZeroPoint ingredients, like a non-starchy vegetable-packed soup, to finish within Budget. It’s like a freebie fill-up!
  • Save up your Points. Going out for dinner tonight? You could focus on ZeroPoint™ foods at breakfast and lunch so that you have more Points to play with later on. Then, when you crack the restaurant menu, you’ll have more flexibility to order exactly what you’re in the mood for.

Surprising ZeroPoint foods

You can probably guess what some of the ZeroPoint foods are: Spinach, asparagus, broccoli…yep, all non-starchy veggies are on the list. But some other potential ZeroPoint foods may surprise you. Read on to learn about these unexpected ZeroPoint foods, as well as fun, tasty ways to use them.

1. Scrambled eggs
This go-to breakfast dish won’t break your Budget if you only use cooking spray. That’s because all eggs—whether scrambled, poached, or hard boiled—have a value of 0 Points if they're on your list.
2. Caviar
Ooh, la la! Caviar, or salt-cured fish eggs, may be pricey, but it won’t cost you a single Point.

3. Edamame
Edamame is excellent on its own (or with a sprinkling of salt or a drizzle of soy sauce), but the soybeans are also seriously scrumptious when used as a protein-rich base for homemade hummus.

4. Fat-free, plain Greek yogurt
Here’s a great way to stick to your Budget: Replace condiments like mayo and sour cream with plain, fat-free Greek yogurt.

5. Butternut squash

Roast up some butternut squash with a sprinkle of cinnamon and some salt and you not only have an easy and delicious side dish but, since it's a non-starchy vegetable, it has no impact on your daily Budget. 6. Refried beans
FYI: Fat-free, no-sugar-added canned refried beans are delicious in a deconstructed burrito salad. Try this: Top lettuce with tomato, corn kernels, diced avocado, seasoned rice, and a scoop of warmed, refried beans. Then add a sprinkle of cheese and hot sauce or salsa. Drooling yet?

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7. Pico de Gallo
Use this ZeroPoint food to season other ZeroPoint foods, like black beans, grilled chicken breast, or scrambled eggs.

8. Unsweetened pickles

Yes, you can get your salty-n-sour fix without using a single Point. You already know to layer pickles on sandwiches and burgers, but chopped or sliced gherkins can also add an unexpected zing to a number of dishes, from tuna salad to deviled eggs.