12 SmartPoints-friendly pie recipes to eat on WW

Whether you're hankering for apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie, find an option that fits right into your Budget.

Pie is the perfect dessert to end a celebratory holiday feast, but it's just as welcome after a casual dinner. After all, the sweet, tender filling enveloped by crunchy, crumbly crust make it irresistibly delicious. Traditionally, the SmartPoints™ value for pie is through the roof—that is, unless your slice is so paper thin that it falls apart. But it doesn’t have to be that way! By using creative ingredient swaps, going easy on the richest ingredients, and coaxing loads of flavor from the fruits and fillings that the pie is meant to showcase, it’s possible to turn out a spectacular pie that’s also SmartPoints-friendly. Need some inspiration? Check out the pie recipes below, which range from apple, pecan, and pumpkin, to key lime, pear, and lemon meringue—all proof that pie can be a part of your wellness journey.