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25 insanely delicious ways to use your SmartPoints® at Panera Bread

Find out how all your faves (including that creamy broccoli cheddar soup) fit into your Budget.

Everyone knows that the best part about running errands is refueling at Panera Bread. (Oh, and if you don't dream of their soup bread bowls and Asian seasame chicken salad? You're missing out!)

While said bread bowl, to name one menu item, can make quite a dent in your daily SmartPoints®, it can easily fit into your Budget with a little bit of planning—with myWW+, nothing is off the menu! Say you eat a low-SmartPoints breakfast and then snack on tasty ZeroPoint™ and low-SmartPoints snacks, like fresh fruit and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, and non-fat yogurt—or even a scoop of everyone's favorite chicken salad—to enjoy between meals. That frees up your daily SmartPoints so you can spend them however you'd like when you visit Panera Bread.

With meal options that fit into every Budget, it’s easy to see why the bakery-café is one of the top restaurants for WW members. Discover the SmartPoints value of some of your favorite eats with this handy guide:  

The best Panera Bread breakfast foods:

  • Asiago cheese bagel, SmartPoints value: 10 (Green), 10 (Blue), 10 (Purple)

  • Avocado, egg white, and spinach on sprouted grain bagel flat, SmartPoints value: 11 (Green), 10 (Blue), 10 (Purple)

  • Everything bagel, SmartPoints value: 8 (Green), 8 (Blue), 8 (Purple)

  • Ham, egg, and cheese on whole grain farm-style bread, SmartPoints value: 10 (Green), 8 (Blue), 8 (Purple)

  • Wild blueberry mini scone, SmartPoints value: 6 (Green), 6 (Blue), 6 (Purple)

SmartPoints-worthy Panera Bread soups:

  • Broccoli cheddar soup (cup), SmartPoints value: 9 (Green), 9 (Blue), 9 (Purple)

  • Low-fat chicken noodle soup (cup), SmartPoints value: 3 (Green), 2 (Blue), 2 (Purple)

  • Low-fat vegetarian black bean soup (cup), SmartPoints value: 2 (Green), 0 (Blue), 0 (Purple)

  • Ten vegetable soup (cup), SmartPoints value: 1 (Green), 1 (Blue), 1 (Purple)

  • Turkey chili (cup), SmartPoints value: 6 (Green), 3 (Blue), 3 (Purple)

  • Vegetarian creamy tomato soup (cup), SmartPoints value: 10 (Green), 10 (Blue), 10 (Purple)

Panera Bread salads that taste like a SmartPoints splurge:

  • Asian sesame chicken salad with dressing (half portion), SmartPoints value: 6 (Green), 5 (Blue), 5 (Purple)

  • Fuji apple salad with chicken and dressing (half portion), SmartPoints value: 9 (Green), 8 (Blue), 8 (Purple)

  • Greek salad with dressing (half portion), SmartPoints value: 6 (Green), 6 (Blue), 6 (Purple)

  • Green goddess cobb salad with chicken and dressing (half portion), SmartPoints value: 7 (Green), 5 (Blue), 5 (Purple)

  • Strawberry poppyseed salad with chicken and fat-free dressing (half portion), SmartPoints value: 4 (Green), 3 (Blue), 3 (Purple)

Panera Bread sandwiches to get your carbs on:

  • Frontega chicken panini on focaccia (half portion), SmartPoints value: 10 (Green), 9 (Blue), 9 (Purple)

  • Mediterranean veggie sandwich on tomato basil (half portion), SmartPoints value: 7 (Green), 7 (Blue), 7 (Purple)

  • Roasted turkey and avocado BLT sandwich on country rustic (half portion), SmartPoints value: 9 (Green), 8 (Blue), 8 (Purple)

  • Tuna salad sandwich on honey wheat (half portion), SmartPoints value: 8 (Green), 7 (Blue), 7 (Purple)

  • Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread (half portion), SmartPoints value: 7 (Green), 6 (Blue), 6 (Purple)

Panera Bread add-ons and sweet desserts:

  • Chocolate chipper cookie, SmartPoints value: 18 (Green), 18 (Blue), 18 (Purple)

  • Seasonal fruit cup, SmartPoints value: 0 (Green), 0 (Blue), 0 (Purple)

  • Panera Kettle Chips, SmartPoints value: 5 (Green), 5 (Blue), 5 (Purple)

  • Sprouted grain roll, SmartPoints value: 5 (Green), 5 (Blue), 5 (Purple)

  • Sourdough bread bowl, SmartPoints value: 18 (Green), 18 (Blue), 18 (Purple)