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30 Must-Try Avocado Recipes
We must confess: avocado is our love language. So creamy, so satisfying, so many ways to enjoy it beyond toast and guac.
Published June 29, 2017

Foods go viral all the time (see: whipped coffee and air fryer pasta chips), but none have made the shift from buzzy trend to total staple quite like avocado. Scroll through social media, open a brunch menu, or search for recipe inspo and you’ll likely come across a dish with the iconic green fruit (yes, it’s a fruit). And we’re not mad about the avo-overload—aside from tasting great on just about everything, it’s super versatile and nutrient-dense.

In fact, that’s why avocado might be part of your new ZeroPoint™ foods list: It’s a nutritional powerhouse! Not only is avocado a good source of filling fiber, but it’s also naturally high in better-for-you unsaturated fat, which has been linked to heart health, as well as key vitamins and minerals. So, if your idea of a perfect Sunday brunch includes avocado toast or you can’t imagine taco night without guac, you’re in luck. Adding avocado to your plate is a simple and delicious way to make any meal or snack more satisfying.

(Wondering why avocado isn’t on your ZeroPoint foods list? The PersonalPoints™ Program builds a custom plan based on the foods you enjoy and reach for often. If you want to see avocado on your list, learn how to revamp your plan here.)

From classic dishes to the more surprising—avocado chocolate cake? A revelation!—there are endless ways to cook with and enjoy avocado. To get you started, here are 30 delicious recipe ideas for the superstar fruit.