Fitness & Exercise

About FitPoints 2.0

Newly calibrated to be even more accurate than before!

Just like SmartPoints® help you be mindful of what you're eating, FitPoints®​ help you become aware of how active you are. You earn FitPoints for all physical activities—from running and resistance training to activity in disguise, like gardening or cleaning your house. And now we've launched our most smartest version of FitPoints to date! 

More personalized

FitPoints 2.0 take into account your height, weight, age, and sex, as well as activity and duration, to calculate a personalized FitPoints value for all of the activities you track.

More accurate

Just as all calories are not created equal, the same is true for activity: 100 calories burned walking is not the same as 100 calories burned lifting weights or running. The new algorithm reflects that reality and motivates you to include high intensity and strength training in your activity routine.

More efficient

The most common reason members give for not engaging in regular physical activity? Time! FitPoints 2.0 helps you make the most of the time you do have.

You can earn the same number of FitPoints in shorter amounts of time, depending on the activity. Since strength training and high intensity activities earn extra FitPoints, these activities can help you achieve your FitPoints goal faster.

Your weekly FitPoints goal

FitPoints are based on your weight so that you can get an accurate measure of the energy you expend. You’ll receive a personalized weekly FitPoints goal based on your current activity level.

How to track FitPoints​

You can enter your activity manually in  My Day on the app or sync a fitness device and let it do the tracking for you! And every time you track activity, you earn Wins that you can redeem for really cool rewards.