What to order at a Japanese restaurant

All the ZeroPoint® sashimi and more.
Published May 29, 2024

Tracking tip: Search for a specific restaurant’s menu item first; if it’s not in the database, track a similar dish from a different restaurant.

Points-saving hacks

  1. Add filling ZeroPoint protein to your meal by ordering extra sashimi (fish without rice).

  2. Look for traditional sushi rolls with raw fish and veggies instead of those with higher-Points ingredients like cream cheese, mayo-based sauces, and tempura.

  3. Ask for sushi rolls "naruto style," which means wrapped in cucumber not rice, which saves Points or, in the case of rolls with only raw fish and veggies, makes them 0 Points.

  4. Imitation crab often found in California rolls isn’t a ZeroPoint food—sugar, starch, and oil are used to make it—so opt for a veggie roll or one with fish to trim Points.

  5. Love ramen? Go for ZeroPoint tofu or chicken breast and ask for half the noodles. Or try a hot pot—meat or seafood and veggies in broth without noodles.