Here's What Beans Have to Do with Weight Loss

Plant-based proteins are your friends: They're satisfying, versatile, and nutritious.
Published November 22, 2017

The world of beans is colorful, varied—and rich in protein. And don't stop with beans: There's a wide range of plant-based proteins like lentils, tofu, even quinoa, that can also add variety and flavor to your meals.

Even better, they can help with weight loss! Protein may help you feel more satisfied than carbohydrates and fats; and foods high in protein are generally lower in PersonalPoints™ values—they may even be 0! See our ZeroPoint™ Cheat Sheet.

Another reason to love ‘em

Beans are free of saturated fat, the dietary villain that can raise blood cholesterol and has been linked to heart disease and stroke. Incorporating them in your menus keeps things interesting—who wants to eat the same old, same old every day?—and can save you at the supermarket, too: Plant-based proteins, especially dry beans, can be much cheaper per serving than animal proteins.

Ready to explore?

When you're ready to dive in to the deliciousness, canned beans give you lots of options. Black beans are a particularly good choice: Their firm texture and earthy flavor withstand long simmering and make them a good choice for a variety of dishes; to learn more and get cooking, check out this black-bean primer and meal idea guide.

Curious about cooking with lentils? Check out this recipe roundup. Or explore our lineup of recipes featuring tofu, which lends itself to all sorts of cuisines, but is especially delicious in stir-fries. Or just search by keyword in our Recipe Finder for recipes that strike your fancy!