Move Your Way to a Better Mood

Weekly Technique
Published October 27, 2021

Try this!

Follow the steps below to pinpoint a go-to activity that can improve your mood. Then plan on where and when you’ll do it.

1. Choose an activity.  Many types of movement can give your mood a pick-me-up. Shows images of a dumbbell, a seated stretch, and a bicycle. 2. Be specific. Your choice can take place wherever you want—literally. Shows images of a locker room, living room, and park. 3. Pick your pace.  Move at the intensity level that feels right for you.  Shows images of slow, medium, and fast paces.

Let’s dive a little deeper...

One of the best ways to boost your mood (and feel better in general) is to start moving. Whether you stretch, pump iron, or just walk around the block, lots of activities can help.

Think you’ve got to have a sweatfest to feel more positive? Not quite. Research shows that you’ll feel best going at your own tempo—you may even keep at it for a longer period of time. But wait, there’s more: Getting your move on regularly can improve your happiness in the moment and in the long run too.

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