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Published March 29, 2017

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Connect is a Facebook-style social network just for Weight Watchers members. It's filled with posts from real people living the plan in the real world; each day you'll find before-and-after weight loss pics, Instagram-worth meal posts, jokes, honest moments about life on Weight Watchers, and above all, inspiration. 

Connect has been called "the only good social network" and we couldn't agree more! Here's what other members have to say: 

"I love this app, and the big difference is Connect! A totally supportive online group of WW members helping each other out with recipes, weight loss tips and encouragement. WW has thought of everything..."

“The Connect feature is awesome, and I can see how that is really helping people with issues they have causing their weight problems. The WW members on Connect are so nice and supportive.”

How to use ConnectJust download the Weight Watchers mobile app and you'll be on your way! This 2-minute video will show you how easy it is: