Make the Most of Your Budget

Weekly Technique
Published November 5, 2021

Try this!

Want to enjoy the meals and foods that matter most to you? Plan ahead so you can optimize your weekly PersonalPoints™ Budget and keep eating what you want.

 Image of a birthday cake in a magnifying glass with text next to it that says: 1. Focus on a meal that matters to you. Is Sunday brunch your thing, or do you have a birthday party coming up?  Image of a plate with a piece of pie on it with text next to it that says: 2. Visualize your plate. Determine what foods (and how much of them) you’ll eat. Image of smartphone depicting WW Points® value with text next to it that says: 3. Pre-track that meal. See how many PersonalPoints you’ll spend. Image of leafy greens, water bottle and dumbbell with text next to it that says: 4. Manage the leftover Points. Make the most of the remaining PersonalPoints in your weekly Budget—earn a few or eye up ZeroPoint™ foods if needed.

Let’s dive a little deeper...

Around here, we’re all about balancing the meals that matter most while still staying within your Budget. You’ve probably heard us say everything is on the menu, and we mean it. That’s because the PersonalPoints Program was created to be actually livable.

Want an arsenal of tools to work your Budget to do just that? Lean on your individualized ZeroPoint foods list, earn PersonalPoints, and take advantage of rollovers and weeklies.

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Week two of our monthly theme, find balance.

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