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Let’s Go Out For…German

Published May 26, 2016

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Flammkuchen: A German pizza.

Kartoffelpuffer: Potato pancakes.

Laugenbrezel: A large Bavarian pretzel.

Rösti: Large grated-potato pancake (originated in Switzerland).

Rouladen: A dish of thin-sliced beef rolled with bacon, onion, and dill pickle.

Sauerbraten: Beef roast braised with vinegar.

Schinken: Specialty ham.

Speck: Bacon or bacon fat.

Wurst: Cured meats, usually a sausage. There are many varieties. 

  • Bratwurst is a pale sausage of pork and beef blended with mild spices, often including garlic, marjoram or nutmeg, and grilled or pan-fried. Figure on at least 9 SmartPoints value each.
  • Weisswurst has a smooth consistency from finely ground veal and pork, milk and eggs, and is boiled in water, has 7 SmartPoints value.
  • Knackwurst (knockwurst) is a slightly smoked all-beef or beef-pork combo. A typical knackwurst has 10 SmartPoints value.
  • Wienerwurst (saitenwurst) looks like a smallish, long skinny hot dog and is only 4 SmartPoints value.
  • Chicken bratwurst is a far better choice than traditional pork: this brat typically has a SmartPoints value of 2.
  • Krainerwurst is a smoked bratwurst that’s slightly smaller than the basic brat, has good snap and a SmartPoints value of 3.