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As some of you may know, I am not just the CEO of this amazing company—I’m also a WW member. What makes WW different is the incredible community we have built, both online in Connect and in Workshops around the world, and my absolute passion is talking with our members. I get the benefit of incredible tips, ideas, and inspiration from all of you during my travels, and my monthly newsletter gives me a chance to return the favor. I share WW updates, as well as news from my life and, of course, my kitchen!

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My November newsletter


First I have to ask: Are you Green, Blue, or Purple on myWW™? I’m so curious to know, so tell me all about it on Connect (@grossmanm57) or Twitter.  This innovation lets you choose how to live WW, which thrills me as CEO, but also as a member.

My weight has fluctuated my entire life–I could always lose, but then I’d re-gain. When I took this job, I went all in and lost seven pounds, but what’s most exciting is that I stayed there. I have not deviated more than a couple of pounds from my healthy weight goal in literally two years. This has never happened to me before! And that’s why I am not leaving Blue!!

Green, Blue, or Purple, there’s one key to success: Just. Keep. Tracking. Even on the busiest day, or when I’m traveling, or if I’ve gone way over my SmartPoints® Budget…I track. These shortcuts make it nearly automatic:  

  • I’ve got a few breakfasts and lunches on repeat and the WW app learns those “frequent meals” so I can track them with one tap. I use it for my regular sushi order: a spicy tuna roll, inside out with brown rice, plus edamame. Quick to eat, quick to track, and 10 (Green), 6 (Blue), 5 (Purple). For new meal ideas, I'm turning to the myWW Program Cookbook—all easy and delicious!
  • Best guessing beats not tracking, according to our chief science officer, Dr. Gary Foster, so I’ve gotten to be a pretty good guesser when I’m eating out. What helps is finding something in the WW recipe database that seems similar, like these two pork dishes. I add a few Points, because WW recipes use genius healthy-cooking hacks that restaurants don’t. That’s close enough, right?
  • Have you used the barcode scanner on the app yet? Whenever I’m trying something new, it lets me scan the item to find the SmartPoints value, and instantly track a serving. I was recently in the grocery store and scanned all the wraps to find the lowest-Points option (Toufayan low-carb, low-sodium wrap–amazing with turkey, low-fat Jarlsberg cheese, and crisp coleslaw). I love that other shoppers get curious and ask what I’m doing. Sometimes I even draw a crowd!
  • Yes, I actually track bites off my granddaughter Emma’s plate. Seriously. That kind of dedication has helped her mom, Lizzy, lose the baby weight on WW, so we track those Points together! Where do you stand on tracking a bite of dessert or a few stolen french fries? Let me know on Connect and follow Lizzy (@lgsirgey).
  • We break the rules at Thanksgiving and do prime rib instead of turkey. Our no-fail family recipe is incredible, but not exactly low-Points! I track anyway, every day, because that’s what weeklies are for, am I right? Share your worth-the-Points recipe with me on Connect or Twitter with #WWThanksgiving.
  • I’m obsessed with WellnessWins™. Neil and I get competitive about our totals! Every meal or snack racks up Wins, and you can redeem them for very cool stuff, but I always donate mine to WW Good. That’s our social-impact campaign, focused on bringing healthy food to families in need around the country. Knowing I’m helping others motivates me to stick with tracking, moving, all of it. Turns out, WW Good donations are one of our most popular rewards. That says a lot about the generosity of this WW family. I’m so proud to be one of you!

Finally, today’s big news? We've announced the special guests on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour. I am so awestruck by this lineup! Find out who's coming by visiting and following us at on Instagram.

My October newsletter


Happy almost-Halloween! I go all out for this holiday—you’ll definitely see my costume on Twitter and Connect @grossmanm57. Show me yours! Here's what's going on this month for me:

  • My garden in upstate New York is the gift that keeps on giving, and right now we’re harvesting squash by the truckload (literally). Every variety works as a genius ZeroPoint™ stand-in for potatoes, and they’re delicious roasted, stuffed, spiralized, you name it. These recipes are my current faves, but I want to hear yours. Post them on Connect with #squashcrazy.

  • I just hosted a WW team at our house, and we kicked off a beautiful Indian-summer day with some backyard yoga. To tap into that same sense of calm wherever I am—even the back of a taxi—there’s Headspace, right in the WW app. My favorite meditation is Refresh. Just three minutes of breathing leaves me surprisingly less stressed.

  • Speaking of stress, my daughter, Lizzy, is juggling life with a 3-month-old and a toddler. How does she solve dinner? Rainbow bowls! Try this: Start with your favorite greens, veggies, beans, and salsa. Then add grilled flank steak and a drizzle of low-fat mayo mixed with sriracha and fat-free yogurt, all for a SmartPoints® value of only 4. (Follow Lizzy on Connect @lgsirgey for more smart dinner ideas.)

  • For me, cooking is relaxation (and if I’m sipping a nice low-Points tequila…that’s heaven!), so I’m extra-thrilled about our new partnership with Sur La Table. Starting next month they’ll host cooking classes featuring SmartPoints-friendly recipes in 81 of their kitchens around the country. Sign up at a location near you, or try this cozy autumn lasagna at home.

  • I hung out with finance expert Nicole Lapin during the launch for her new book, Becoming Super Woman. In it she gets honest about the burnout-turned-breakdown she experienced a few years back, and how she prioritized her own wellness. Her morning routine inspires me: She writes in a gratitude journal and gets herself totally ready for the day, all before looking at her phone. Want to try it with me?

  • Instead of dipping into the halloween candy we bought “for the kids,” this year, I’m reaching for WW mini-bars. They come in the same flavors as fun-size candy bars, for half the SmartPoints value (only 2!). Chocolate Caramel, I’m coming for you!

My September newsletter


September is back-to-everything season for all of us, and on top of that, I’m thrilled about something brand new...

  • For the first time ever, we’re hitting the road with Oprah! WW is partnering with her on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour, a live experience where she’ll share her own wellness journey and introduce us to game-changing experts and storytellers. Oprah’s hope for this tour is “to motivate others to let 2020 be the year of transformation and triumph—beginning first and foremost with what makes us well.” This is really what WW does best: We bring communities of people together with the shared goal of living our healthiest lives. I can’t wait to learn, laugh, eat, dance...and more, with thousands of you in nine U.S. cities.
  • I’ll get honest and say, I’m in birthday recovery mode. Mine was the 8th, but I also celebrated on the 2nd, the 7th, and the 9th! I loved–and tracked–all of it. My attitude about gaining 2.5 pounds: Cake happens! But now I’m back to my 23 SmartPoints® a day, and it feels good.
  • ZeroPoint™ foods make my Budget go so much further, and my favorite right now is salmon. I’m not the cook in the family (that would be my daughter, Lizzy) so I keep it simple with this quick stovetop recipe dressed up with WW’s 1‌-‌SmartPoints pesto. Make extra because you’ll want it on everything.
  • Activity is also key, so I'm learning to play golf (I’m even getting competitive)! On weekends I head to our local course with Neil and come back four hours and 15 FitPoints® later. Weekdays I’m trying to jump rope. No fancy moves for me yet, but it’s great cardio, tones my arms, and works as a portable gym when I’m traveling. And exciting news! I’m walking in the WW Good 5K in Hempstead, Long Island, on September 22. It gets in steps and helps us put healthy food within reach for thousands of families. If you’re nearby, join me!
  • The WW office building in NYC has a cool perk: a Trader Joe’s downstairs! I always grab Columbus Honey Turkey when I’m there, for loads of smoky-sweet flavor with just 1-SmartPoints value. What do you pick up on TJ runs? Tell me on Connect (I’m @grossmanm57).
  • Finally, I’m living by the mantra “Progress, not perfection.” Those three words from our founder, Jean Nidetch, remind me to take risks, forgive myself, and be open to trying new things. 

My August newsletter


I’ve been thinking a lot about family this summer, as Neil and I welcomed our second grandchild, Hannah Lee! Lizzy, Cody, and big sister Emma are over the moon, and so are we. Looking at my family now, I’ve got just one word: gratitude. (My grandma name is Mimi! What’s yours? Follow me on Connect @grossmanm57 and let me know.)

We get lots of family time at our farm in upstate New York. It’s my happy place, and a little slice of ZeroPoint™ heaven, thanks to our garden. We grow all our own veggies, including a bumper crop of tomatoes. How to use them all? It’s a good problem to have, and I’ve been getting my ideas here.

My food revelation of the summer is the ZeroPoint clambake: grilled lobster, shrimp, and salmon; corn on the cob; summer bean salad; and grilled peaches for dessert. A completely healthy feast that leaves SmartPoints® for wine!

Homegrown and homemade is the dream, but reality sometimes means eating on the go. I love my Starbucks order: egg white and red pepper sous vide bites. They’re delicious, filling, and only 5 SmartPoints®.

One of my trips this summer was for the WW + Daybreaker event in LA, led by the unstoppable Julianne Hough. It was live-streamed globally and more than 500 people joined us in person for yoga and a joy-filled dance party, all before 7 a.m.! My takeaway: Activity should be about freedom and fun. I’ve been putting that thought into action with Emma, in the pool, on the swings, everywhere.

Finally, I’m feeling extra-inspired by two WW members: Gayle King, and my husband, Neil. Gayle led a wonderful conversation with me and Kathleen Murphy, Fidelity’s head of personal investing. “We all need to make our financial and physical wellness a priority,” Gayle said, adding that when we do, we should give ourselves credit: “You need to say, yay me! I did that.” And Neil? He’s lost 25 pounds on WW since March, showing me how it’s done, every single day.